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How to Keep from Going Crazy When Your Funky Breath, “Va-jay-jay” or Body Odor Are the Reason Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Takes a Hike!

Yea, I SAID IT! (And so will he.) Let’s jump right into this stinky topic (pun intended). Part of the reason your Non-Existent Boyfriend has his hand out, is because he can’t take the smell of what your body or mouth is giving off. Now while it would be self-fulfilling to curse your Non-Existent Boyfriend […]

3 Reasons Women Run Away from What Their Non-Existent Boyfriend Has to Say

“I want you to tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God!” (Yea right…) You always want the truth from your Non-Existent Boyfriend, and when you get it, you run from it. The truth hurts—- I get it. But why do so many single women go through the agony […]

Controlling Your Crazy When Your Ex-Boyfriend Becomes Your NEW Non-Existent Boyfriend

Yes, it is the truth!  This, by far, seems to be one of the most common dilemmas brought to my attention by single women alike. You get rid of that guy in your life, for whatever reason, and suddenly he creeps back in like a pimple you haven’t seen since junior high.   That’s not the […]

Hold Off on Your “Crazy”! Your Non-Existent Boyfriend May Not Be in to You, Because He’s into Men

Single women joke around all of the time and suggest that the Non-Existent Boyfriend they like, may not feel the same way about them because they’re… (well…) GAY! Sometimes, we do know that’s not the case. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend may not be into you simply because you’re YOU. Then there are other times. Your Non-Existent […]

Why Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Shares Your Crazy Behaviors with His Friends

Just when you thought women were the only ones who gossiped with each other, you were wrong. Non-Existent Boyfriends across the world talk with each other about the crazy things women do. (Yes, it’s true). Your Non-Existent Boyfriend may not discuss you 24/7 with his friends, but he SURE will bring you up the moment […]

4 CRAZY Ways to Get Your Non-Existent Boyfriend to Commit

We know by now that acting crazy won’t get you anywhere when it comes to dating the guy you like. We also know that “crazy” can mean so many different things, but the outcome is the same—your Non-Existent Boyfriend AIN’T having it and you need to get yourself under control. So how do you get […]

What Your Non-Existent Boyfriend NEVER Wants to Hear You Say to Him After Intimacy

News Flash: He’s not your boyfriend– you’re just sleeping together. Sure, you may connect and what not, but until there’s a mutual agreement that you guys are together, each of you are as single as a dollar bill. And let’s be clear. Just because he likes sleeping with you, but doesn’t commit to you after […]

The 3 Most Common (Crazy) Insecure Things You Say that Turn Your Non-Existent Boyfriend OFF!

Let’s face it. When you meet a new Non-Existent Boyfriend, things instantly escalate via text messaging or phone calls. It’s the common way, besides actual dates, to get to know more about your Non-Existent Boyfriend in the early stages. That said, there’s probably a lot of words exchanged between you and him, and quite a […]

To Search or Not to Search?? Is There a Right Time to go Through Your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s Phone?

You’ve gone out more than a few times with one particular Non-Existent Boyfriend, you’ve slept with him and you even told him the family secret about your uncle and aunt going down for a 1980s bank robbery. You’re comfortable with him, you’re really into him and you’re just waiting for the day he asks you […]

Issa Meme! Do Your Posts on Social Media Make Him Think You Might Be Crazy?

Time and time again, you have a Non-Existent Boyfriend that does something to upset you and *SNAP*, just like that you write him off and wish he were dead. While that may be your fast approach to dealing with problems with a Non-Existent Boyfriend, those feelings shouldn’t be shown to the world. How you feel, […]