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Controlling Your Crazy While Dating Your Non-Existent Boyfriend

Did you know 6 out of 10 single women end up in a psychiatrist’s chair as a result of trying to control a man they’re not even dating??!

(Okay, that may not be all the way true, or have any truth at all, but hey, there are some crazy women out there that are willing to go the extra mile for the affection of a man that’s not theirs).

And THAT’S where I come in!

Welcome to my website, ControllingYourCrazy.com! This is home for all single women who are in search of love, but have a hard time getting there because…well…their actions are a little over the top when they’re simply in the casual dating stage with a guy they met. Controlling Your Crazy isn’t about not being tempted to key a guy’s car because you’re upset. Because let’s face it, not every single woman gets that angry over a man that she’s not in a relationship with. Instead, Controlling Your Crazy is the idea that if you can control your mind when things look a bit shady, then you’ll be able to control your emotions when the man you’re casually dating decides to act up.

The “man” I constantly refer to, is what I like to call the “Non-Existent Boyfriend”. He’s the guy you’re interested in, the guy you text or call from time-to-time or even the guy you might sleep with every other Tuesday. He’s non-existent because he’s NOT YOUR MAN. I don’t want to get too deep into what all that means, but you’ll figure it out as we go along for the ride on this site.

After 10 years of intensive, solid, single-girl research, Controlling Your Crazy will definitely become a staple phrase in the single woman’s bible. I am dedicating my book, my products and this site to all single women who want support, advice and good reads on what steps to take so they don’t look crazy dating the men that like them. I want single women to spill the beans by anonymously emailing me their “crazy” stories in the Talk to Toni section of this website. I also want single women to read the juicy blog posts and share their comments with the world so we can all get into the brains of women everywhere. Most importantly, I want EVERYONE to shop for cool products and purchase the book, Controlling Your Crazy While Dating Your Non-Existent Boyfriend… (Coming this Fall).

Again, welcome to ControllingYourCrazy.com! And until the next blog post, stay off of his social media page. (Thank me later…)


Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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