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“Oh No She Didn’t!”: How Far Would You Go to Seek Crazy Revenge on Your Non-Existent Boyfriend?

“Damn!… Damn!… Damn!” (* Florida Evans, circa Good Times voice).

I cannot stress how many times I’ve seen women go after their Non-Existent Boyfriend in an attempt to seek emotional revenge. I’ve seen it all too! I know a woman who had her Non-Existent Boyfriend’s power turned off at his house, because he had led her on to believe he liked her. I also had a former friend follow her Non-Existent Boyfriend to where he was with his child, just to confront him on something he had said to her over the phone, (that turned into a mini brawl). The best was when I had a Non-Existent Boyfriend myself, and the hood of his car got keyed by another woman… (It read, FUCK YOU PUSSY. Just like that. In all caps.)

So here’s my take on this topic: I know emotions get the best of us sometimes, and we react in ways that aren’t pretty. However, what are we doing this in the name of? A guy we have no title with? A guy who we knew was only out for one thing but we gave it up anyway? Wait… a guy who calls us every other Wednesday and tells us we’re “beautiful” through text? That guy?…Please!

Listen, no matter how upset your Non-Existent Boyfriend makes you or no matter how much you desire to make him feel how he made you feel, he’s not worth compromising your sanity and your clean record, (if it is clean).  Instead of seeking revenge by damaging his personal things or blasting him on your Facebook page, leave him alone—it’s that simple. This doesn’t mean ignoring his unusual behaviors and remaining mum to the situation. It means, telling him you’re extremely busy, you’re in over your head with keeping your life on its perfect path, and then you cut him loose. No man who doesn’t see your worth or values who you are from the beginning, needs some “Oprah speech”. You’ll end up investing your deepest thoughts and emotional fears to deaf ears– trust me.

Authorizing yourself to release emotional energy into payback towards the Non-Existent Boyfriend will drain you. ALWAYS take responsibility in your actions so you can evaluate the situation from a retrospective point-of-view. Maybe you gave him the goods when he wasn’t worthy of it. Maybe you allowed him to use you for money, or maybe you were blinded by his sweet talking and manipulating, that you didn’t realize he was secretly hypnotizing you with “crazy” (lol).

In all seriousness, never, ever seek crazy revenge because things didn’t turn out as you would have liked with a man who isn’t really your man. If this is a guy you have no future with or a guy that doesn’t’ claim you as his partner, he’s not worth the headache. Furthermore, who wants their mugshot in the local paper for vandalism, identity theft, or even worse, NOT CONTROLLING YOUR CRAZY WHILE DATING YOUR NON-EXISTENT BOYFRIEND?

Let me know. What’s the craziest revenge you’ve ever sought out on your Non-Existent Boyfriend? (We promise we won’t tell…)

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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  1. Angie says:
    I keyed this dude’s car when I was 18. I didn’t know better back then. Don’t think I’d do it now.
    • Toni says:
      Hi Angie! At least you can admit that you wouldn’t do that today. Keying a guy’s car is definitely not worth your reputation. Thanks for commenting!

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