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You THOUGHT You Were the Only One Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Was Dating???…NO MA’AM!

We’ll keep this short and sweet… You’re not the only woman your Non-Existent Boyfriend is seeing, and you can’t go crazy over it. Let’s think. Dating is about seeing more than one person at a time, so you can weigh your options and narrow-down your selection to the Non-Existent Boyfriend you connect with most. If […]

Send Your Non-Existent Boyfriend These Text Messages When He Goes Ghost, Then Reaches Out

There’s nothing more annoying than when you’re just getting around to knowing your Non-Existent Boyfriend on a more serious level, and he disappears like David Copperfield. Your gut instantly tells you to confront him on his actions by calling him on the phone until he answers or by sending a text message that expresses how […]

3 Reasons Why Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Uses You as a Doormat

You’re Too Crazy About Him You’re Crazy in Love with Wanting a Relationship and He’s Not You Let Him Get-Away with Crazy Shit Sounds crazy, right? Unfortunately, part of the reason why the guy you really like is still non-existent AND why you still act out on behaviors that have you feeling like you’re losing […]

Why Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Owes You NOTHING After Sex

How much amount of money would you say your body’s worth? $24.99? $6.50? $225 and an all-inclusive breakfast? If you can’t put a number to the value of your body and the intimacy you provide, why do you want your Non-Existent Boyfriend to do it? Although none of us intentionally aim to be treated as […]