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Why Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Owes You NOTHING After Sex

How much amount of money would you say your body’s worth? $24.99? $6.50? $225 and an all-inclusive breakfast?

If you can’t put a number to the value of your body and the intimacy you provide, why do you want your Non-Existent Boyfriend to do it? Although none of us intentionally aim to be treated as a price tag, our actions and our words say differently. Once you meet your Non-Existent Boyfriend and engage in phone conversations, daily text messages or even casual date nights, you fully dictate where things go from there and whether or not you’ll give him the cookies. Often times as single women, we like to equate sex with our Non-Existent Boyfriend with how much money he spends or what he does that we think will make us feel better about our sexual decisions. When we have this way of thinking, we make our Non-Existent Boyfriend feel as though our bodies are worth all of his time or a chicken dinner from Ruby Tuesday’s. As a result of attaching our body to a return gift or a certain action, we wind up getting hurt, confused and CRAZY.

Here’s the reality: Consensual sex with your Non-Existent Boyfriend is just that…SEX. If you are uncomfortable sleeping with your Non-Existent for any personal reason, and he is not physically forcing you, don’t do it—simple. And if you do go there to satisfy your bodily needs, don’t expect him to suddenly want to buy you an expensive purse or tell you how much he cares about you and wants to live happily ever after.

While some Non-Existent Boyfriends may truly end up liking you and may want to take things to the next level, the key phrase in all of this is no expectations. We can’t somehow make the decision to lay down with the guy we like, being unsure of the relationship status between us, and then expect him to act as our boyfriend because we gave up the goods. This topic is usually a hard one (no pun intended on “hard”) because women usually go back to questions like, What about morals? What about treating us “right”? and What about what a “real” man would do? Well, if all of these questions held weight with your Non-Existent Boyfriend, why are some of us still battling with uncontrolled emotions?

I’m going to give it to you straight. I’m not excusing the behavior of any guy that sleeps with you and doesn’t make you feel like the precious gem you are. But if you make the adult decision to have sex with your Non-Existent Boyfriend at any point during the time you guys are getting to know one another, then you have to live with that decision and honestly, take it in stride. What is not healthy for you, is consensually sleeping with your Non-Existent Boyfriend and then getting upset when he doesn’t show his gratitude with things involving spending money or investing quality time with you. This type of thinking sends your emotions on a whirlwind unnecessarily and have you doing things that make you appear immature or silly. Some may disagree with me here, but I’ve talked plenty of women back into sanity once they realize they were just as horny as the Non-Existent Boyfriend they slept it. At the end of it all, continue texting, talking on the phone, going to hang out or even playing “touchy feely”. If you can’t handle sleeping with your Non-Existent Boyfriend without getting emotional or expecting him to suddenly have deep feelings for you, then don’t go there, period.

Let me know what you think or what you’ve expected your Non-Existent Boyfriend to do in the past…I’m “crazy” about this topic!

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


4 Responses so far.

  1. KT says:
    Oh my gosh! This is so good. I use to be one of those girls that expected something. Now I know, lol.
    • Toni says:
      Hi KT! Expecting something in return is a let-down waiting to happen. Again, take it in stride if you sleep with your NEB and if you’re not comfortable yet, hold out. Thanks for commenting!
  2. Nicki says:
    I agree expect nothing and take what comes with it !
    • Toni says:
      Hi Nicki! Agreed. Again, we don’t accept just anything, but we MUST take responsibility of our own actions. Thanks for your comment!

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