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3 Reasons Why Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Uses You as a Doormat

  • You’re Too Crazy About Him
  • You’re Crazy in Love with Wanting a Relationship and He’s Not
  • You Let Him Get-Away with Crazy Shit

Sounds crazy, right?

Unfortunately, part of the reason why the guy you really like is still non-existent AND why you still act out on behaviors that have you feeling like you’re losing your mind, is because you’re allowing your Non-Existent Boyfriend to walk all over you like an old Welcome mat on your porch.  It’s true, and quite frankly, I have no qualms conveying the bad news to you. Because I can’t sit back for too long and know that this may be you, or was you at one point, I’ll get straight into it.

You’re Too Crazy About Him

Stop investing all of your heart and emotions into what can-be. What I mean by this is, don’t jump with both feet into the pond until you’ve really gotten a chance to test the depth of the water. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend is usually a guy that you’ve been kicking it with for less than 3 months, give-or-take. That amount of time should be spent dating, having fun, hanging out and feeling good. If you’re too crazy about liking your Non-Existent Boyfriend and not more concerned with caressing the friendship you’re supposed to be building, he’ll notice and take advantage of that cute little heart and feelings of yours. (And trust, he’s a pro at it.)

You’re Crazy in Love with Wanting a Relationship and He’s Not

This is self-explanatory. You like and Your Non-Existent Boyfriend sooooo much and want a relationship soooo bad, and regrettably, he doesn’t feel the same. While on this single journey of yours, it is super-important to get close to a guy that feels the way about you, that you do about him. You also want to make sure that the two of you are dating each other for the same reasons. Sure, certain feelings towards certain things may be a little different, but if your Non-Existent Boyfriend is aware that he’s the ying to your yang, the frosting on your cake, or the apple of your eye without him having mutual feelings, he’ll probably end up using you, backing off altogether or thinking you’re desperately in a rush with life. In the end, you’ll end up doing what you always do…acting crazy!

You Let Him Get-Away with Crazy Shit

Your Non-Existent Boyfriend walks all over you because you let him get by with behaviors that are unacceptable on any other planet. For some Non-Existent Boyfriends, it’s getting away with using disrespectful language towards you, spending YOUR money for their needs, using you for sex (and sex only), standing you up or constantly cancelling dates or even calling/texting you only when it’s convenient for them.  When any guy gets to do this, and their behavior is never retracted by you, they’ll end up treating you like the walked-over mat that you are.


If your Non-Existent Boyfriend is taking you for granted and really playing the role of being absent as a friend or a person that’s interested in getting to know more about you, remove the door mat off of your face and get a grip. This doesn’t mean you act crazily and go into panic mode. It means you redirect the emotions you’re feeling which will eventually cause you to behave more rationally and take back your sanity. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will get a clue as to who you are and how you should be treated, and he’ll respond accordingly. Never, ever, get taken advantage of because you want to have a relationship or something more with your Non-Existent Boyfriend so badly. There are 3,776,294,273 men on planet Earth to choose from (well, a little less if you remove the married and psychotic) so don’t waste time letting your Non-Existent Boyfriend benefit off of your emotional state.

Talk to me! I’m listening…

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


6 Responses so far.

  1. Alaina says:
    Nice post Toni! Keep it up!
  2. TF says:
    How do u know if he’s leading u on or using u
    • Toni says:
      Hi TF! You’ll know the signs early-on. Always pay attention to what he DOES and not what he says. Thanks for the comment.
  3. Taylor says:
    Love this post. “Letting him getting away with crazy ish”… hmmmm. That’s definitely a problem!
    • Toni says:
      Hi Taylor! You definitely teach people how to treat you and I’m glad you understand the message. Thanks for your comment!

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