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3 Subtle Signs That Make You Appear Crazy to Your Non-Existent Boyfriend in the Early Stages

Let’s be real. Every woman has some “crazy” in her. (Yes, even you).

The only clear distinction among women and their craziness is that some know how to control their emotions, and some don’t. For those that don’t know how to control their emotions, there are no subtleties when it comes to expressing themselves. It is what it is and if you register them into a psych ward, so be it.

Then there are those who know how to suppress their reactions in situations, to avoid appearing outlandish. They know how to smooth things over and get their point across without flying off the handle—clear signs of “controlling their crazy”.

But what happens when there are lingering behaviors that you’re not aware of, but your Non-Existent boyfriend is? You know, little behaviors that you’re use to carrying out, but you’ve gotten so comfortable doing it, you haven’t taken notice.

I’m here to tell you what those 3 underlying crazy signs are, and how you can take control over doing it, so the guy you’re kicking it with doesn’t believe you’re someone you’re not.

  1. Reminding your Non-Existent Boyfriend that you’re not crazy… (ALL. THE. TIME.)

Here’s a rule of thumb in life: Anyone who repeatedly says they don’t have a specific character trait, usually exhibits that trait. For example, a liar will always tell you they hate liars. Liars disgust them, they can’t stand liars and anything to do with lying makes them want to book a first-class trip to hell for the person who lies to them. Believe it or not, the person screaming this silly sermon to the mountain top, is actually a liar themselves. The same thing works for you when you’re always telling your Non-Existent Boyfriend you’re not crazy and you hate crazy women. Constantly telling your Non-Existent Boyfriend these things, is a subtle sign that your crazy isn’t quite fixed. When you keep reminding him of this, all you’re really doing is forcing your sub-conscious to believe that you’re not crazy, until eventually, you hope that you’re not. How do you fix that? Face the truth, stop telling him what you’re NOT, and let him find out who you really are while you continue working on YOU.

  1. Playing hard to get, TOO much.

It’s cute to give the Non-Existent Boyfriend a little chase in the beginning stages. It’s fun, it keeps his attention, and it reminds him how much you’re worth out here in the dating world. But playing hard to get for too long, shows subtle signs that you’re not sitting in the passenger seat and making him drive sometimes. This behavior subtly tells your Non-Existent Boyfriend that you have crazy control tendencies, and c’mon, what adult wants to be controlled? Give him a little playful challenge, but also let him win. Otherwise, you’ll play hard to get all the way back to Lonely-ville.

  1. Occasionally giving your Non-Existent Boyfriend the “silent treatment”.

This is a big one, as subtle as it is. Giving the silent treatment to a guy you’re beginning to date, translates as a sign of immature craziness, (as it relates to communication). In other words, not telling him how you feel about something, and choosing to ignore him until you’re ready to talk about it, tells him early-on you’ll quietly destroy him while he’s off guard. Sure, every woman isn’t built with an inner Oprah. However, ignoring the Non-Existent Boyfriend until you’re ready to come around, will leave you all by yourself…silently. Speak up, maturely attack the situation at hand, and let your Non-Existent feel safe that your crazy passive-aggressive ways won’t have him constantly in the hot seat.


So there it is. Take heed to these subtle signs, and make a cognizant effort to correct them. Don’t believe that acting crazily or irrationally has to always be a very loud statement. Something as simple as a stare down, rolling of the eyes and keeping quiet, can let your Non-Existent know you’re crazy before the relationship can even flourish.

Until next time, continue controlling your crazy and giving me your feedback.


Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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  1. Shellz says:
    I’m guilty of #2 . Some men are creeps so I want to make keep up the chase. That’s a hard one to stop.

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