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Issa Meme! Do Your Posts on Social Media Make Him Think You Might Be Crazy?

Time and time again, you have a Non-Existent Boyfriend that does something to upset you and *SNAP*, just like that you write him off and wish he were dead. While that may be your fast approach to dealing with problems with a Non-Existent Boyfriend, those feelings shouldn’t be shown to the world. How you feel, or how you’re handling moving on, shouldn’t be announced with a silly viral meme on your social media page.

Not only are you NOT going to live by that meme for very long, but you’re giving way too much power to your current emotional state and letting your Non-Existent Boyfriend know where your heart is with him.  Indirectly communicating with your Non-Existent Boyfriend through emojis, quotes and sayings from Gandhi, is a sure sign that you can’t handle the bumps and curves that come with dating. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend is going to think you’re “crazy” and that’s never any fun.

He won’t think you’re crazy for having feelings or for protecting your heart, but like any normal human, he’ll think you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve for the world to see without taking control of the real matter at hand.

While these memes and quotes we see daily make us feel better, they should be used as a mantra with yourself, to yourself and by yourself. Hell, even the quotes I post from time-to-time may work in your emotional favor. But to screenshot memes and post it immediately after a mishap with a Non-Existent Boyfriend in hopes that he’ll see it, ISSA crazy move!

Bottle-up your thoughts and vent to a friend, a family member or in your Controlling Your Crazy Notebook (*plug).  But never, ever fill your social media timeline with a bunch of memes that outwardly show this secret guy how you feel and what woman you’ll turn into by the morning. Your real strength shows by remaining controlled, speaking with him (if necessary) and maturely handling your emotions like a boss.

Now go ahead, delete that Tyler Perry quote you posted last week…

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


8 Responses so far.

  1. Trina says:
    Hahaha I’m known for posting when in my feelings then deleting haha! I’ve been unfollowed by my guy because of it! Great read !!
  2. Courtney says:
    Great blog post. And thankfully, I don’t usually take to social media when I’m upset with my boyfriend.. although I want to every now and then lol. Great read!
  3. Ash says:
    “You’re giving way too much power to your current emotional state” I’ve found this to be true across all of social media. The world has allowed their journals to become public knowledge and it’s so saddened because typically it has a huge impact on relationships. Hopefully your words will inspire us all to do better.
    • Toni says:
      Thank you. And yes! We gotta walk away from speaking through quotes, current statuses and memes! If you feel something, say something. If it’s too early to say something, say nothing until you can find the right response.

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