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To Search or Not to Search?? Is There a Right Time to go Through Your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s Phone?

You’ve gone out more than a few times with one particular Non-Existent Boyfriend, you’ve slept with him and you even told him the family secret about your uncle and aunt going down for a 1980s bank robbery.

You’re comfortable with him, you’re really into him and you’re just waiting for the day he asks you for a committed relationship.

And then it happens. You get that urge. That incredibly loud voice in your head screams at you (as if you don’t have enough shit going on up there), “GO THROUGH HIS PHONE WHEN HE’S NOT LOOKING!” 

Okay, so think about your actions carefully, (I mean, VERY carefully.)

What do you? Do you search your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s phone to make sure he’s not misleading you, or do you control your thoughts and pretend his phone is as non-existent as the title you and him share?

I think you know the answer to this despite what your crazy voice is telling you.

Under no circumstances should you ever browse through your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s phone—ever! Not only are you NOT his woman, but it’s a total invasion of his privacy. He’ll be for sure pissed off, and he’ll lose trust in you before the courtship can ever get to the next level.

No matter what suspicion you come up with, you have no rights to look in his phone. Just think if you caught him searching through your purse or your underwear drawer. I don’t know about you, but that would be the VERY LAST time my Non-Existent Boyfriend and I would hang out seriously. I mean, what would he be looking for? And if he found it, would I be punished for it?

The same thing applies to you. He’ll think you’re a loose nut if you get caught and I mean, can you blame him??

Enjoy the ride with your Non-Existent Boyfriend right now. If he respects you, and things seem to be all good, kill the crazy urge to dance around in his phone. And if you really need to question his motives, just tell him how you feel about him and he’ll give you the appropriate response; I promise.

 Your favorite blogger, (and “Crazy” coach),



4 Responses so far.

  1. I agree! Looking through someone’s phone is a huge no-no. If you don’t trust him why even deal with him?
    • Toni says:
      Hi Monique!

      Agreed! Men will always do something to raise your eyebrow, but going through a man’s phone, who’s not even your man, is a sure sign he’ll eventually run for the door.

  2. Ash says:
    Where were you years ago?!?! I needed this kind of influence on my craziness lol lol. My phone searching days are over. Quite frankly, if I want to look you will provide access. If you don’t, that does is volumes.
    • Toni says:
      Hi Ash,

      Lol… (@ years ago) Hey, at least you got it under control now. And yes, if it came down to a search, that says a little something. But that’s why we refrain from searching altogether. Breaks trust. Thanks for commenting!

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