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The 3 Most Common (Crazy) Insecure Things You Say that Turn Your Non-Existent Boyfriend OFF!

Let’s face it. When you meet a new Non-Existent Boyfriend, things instantly escalate via text messaging or phone calls. It’s the common way, besides actual dates, to get to know more about your Non-Existent Boyfriend in the early stages.

That said, there’s probably a lot of words exchanged between you and him, and quite a few conversations that might hold weight later down the line. And then it happens. Things become blurred after a short time, and you are clueless as to why. Sorry to disappoint you, but you could possibly be the reason why your Non-Existent Boyfriend is completely turned off by you.

Your first go-to question, (like many women), when your Non-Existent Boyfriend acts differently towards you is, “Was it something I said?” (Uhh…yea!)

We may not realize it because we do it so often, but your crazy, insecure comments turned your Non-Existent Boyfriend off, and now he’s reconsidering if he should go beyond simple conversations with you.

Here are the top 3 common (or crazy) insecure things women say that turn their Non-Existent Boyfriend off:

  1. Non-Existent Boyfriend: I’m going out. (OR) I’m going on vacation.

          You: Cool! WITH WHO?

You may fight me on this one, but that question, those two deadly words, sounds like, “Who are you going with so I know whether or not I can approve.” To you, it seems harmless and may come across as small talk. To your Non-Existent Boyfriend, it sings a whole different tune. When you’re getting to know a Non-Existent Boyfriend, do that. Who he’s hanging out with should have no bearing on how you feel. He’ll regard your innocent question as a sign that you may be the questioning, over-protective type. And then again, are you???

  1. Challenging your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s Promise to Call You Back

What this means is, you don’t consider that your Non-Existent Boyfriend gets busy, or that something could’ve legitimately come up in his schedule. As a result, when he doesn’t text you or call you when you THIN K he should’ve of, you question his motives by saying something crazy like, “Thanks for calling/texting me back.”, “What happened to YOU?” or “Why didn’t you call me back?” This goes back to the previous point. It sounds like you might be a bit on the defensive. You’re trying so badly to defend your heart and in doing so, you ask crazy questions instead of enjoying the ride. Yes, you have the right to wonder what may have happened, and yes, you deserve the courtesy of getting a return call, but don’t do your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s dirty work; let him come around to explaining his absent call. Besides, if your Non-Existent is into you for the right reasons, he’ll give you an acceptable reason as to why you haven’t heard from him.

  1. Declaring that “All men are dogs/All men cheat/All men lie.”

No, no and NO. Never use these lines on your Non-Existent Boyfriend. This is one of the most insecure things a single woman can utter. Yes, some men cheat, and yes, some men never change their cheating ways. However, there’s no way you can speak for all men on the planet. Making insecure comments like this translate that you’ve been emotionally abused more than you would have liked, and now you’re resentful. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend won’t even see it as pretty as I explained it either. He’ll think that something is wrong with you, and that’s why you’re getting cheated on. Not fair, but it’s the reality. Here’s my advice, lay off making negative comments that put all men in a box. It sounds unconfident, judgmental and yea, a little crazy.


This isn’t about silencing your voice or thought process, but it’s about knowing what to say and what not to say to avoid appearing doubtful about your Non-Existent Boyfriend, before things can even take off. He’ll think you’re insecure when you say this kind of stuff and even worse, he’ll just call it “crazy”.

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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  1. Trina says:
    Hahaha I’ve definitely used the WITH WHO? lately it’s been ohhhhh going on a date eh lol call me crazy .. I know lol lol
    • Toni says:
      Lol…yes! We get very comfortable and accustomed to asking certain questions that shouldn’t be asked. It’s all good though. At least now you’ll catch yourself.
      Thanks for commenting Trina!

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