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4 CRAZY Ways to Get Your Non-Existent Boyfriend to Commit

We know by now that acting crazy won’t get you anywhere when it comes to dating the guy you like. We also know that “crazy” can mean so many different things, but the outcome is the same—your Non-Existent Boyfriend AIN’T having it and you need to get yourself under control.

So how do you get him to commit? How do you get your Non-Existent Boyfriend to see you for all that you’re worth and actually take things up a notch?

I’ll TELL you how!

Here are 4 CRAZY (but feasible) ways to get your Non-Existent Boyfriend to commit to you while you’re dating him (or not really dating him):

  1. Be Yourself.

Can’t stress this one enough. Be who you are; simple. If you’re naturally timid, be that. Whether you’re a jokester, you like to have an active social life or you’re a book worm, be those things with pride. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will have to take you as you are, or not at all… (Next!)

  1. Tell Your Non-Existent Boyfriend What You Want from Day 1

When he asks you why you’re single, (because he will) or what you’re looking for, that is the perfect opportunity to be 100% open and honest. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Whether he’s intimidated by your answer or not, he’ll respect your honesty an act accordingly. (Don’t tell him you want 5 kids though. YOU don’t even know if you’ll have 5 kids. Keep it general.)

  1. Commit to Your Standards/Inner Rules

This is huge! Say for instance, you don’t want your Non-Existent Boyfriend to use you for sex.  Guess what? Don’t lose your standards by having sex with him just because you’re a little horny. Part of the reason we go crazy sometimes over our Non-Existent Boyfriends, is because we push some of our standards to the side all in the name of love or good sex, or whatever. And when our Non-Existent Boyfriend acts up, we find ourselves crazily trying to figure out how we got crazy in the first place. News Flash: It all began when we ignored what we stood for all along.

  1. Keep Your Emotions Consistent

Don’t act like a boss bitch when you meet him, and then a helpless puppy when things begin to take another direction. When your Non-Existent Boyfriend first meets you, he’s adjusting to the woman he THINKS you are. Often times, that’s someone who’s confident and knows what she wants. Don’t all of a sudden switch out on him and turn into a cry baby, a whiner, or even worse, someone crazy. Keep your emotions regulated by maintaining a balance in your personality.


There it is. These rules aren’t very complicated to understand. However, it’s very difficult when you don’t follow the rules and wonder why your Non-Existent Boyfriend is just that. I’ll be honest with you. Of all the long-term relationships I’ve had over my adult life, they were mainly because I kept it real and I always remained true to who I was. I’m far from perfect, but I damn sure wasn’t crazy prior to getting my Non-Existent Boyfriends to commit to me.

Give me your feedback, tell me where you usually fall short, and let another woman share her experiences with you.

Until next time…


Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),



8 Responses so far.

  1. Wytrina says:
    Girl !!! I don’t have a non existent boyfriend but I can tell you why my other relationships didn’t work out. lol I did not keep my emotions consistent !!!! Ahhhhhhhhh up and down up and down !!!!!! Lol but I love these rules !!
    • Toni says:
      Lol. Yep! Emotional changes WILL confuse the hell out of him– and scare him about the future. When you want to have a meltdown, whine or simply be a woman, try not to make him see or vent to a friend. Thanks for commenting!
  2. Girl!!! This is so true!! I was def one of those go with the flow and not be upfront about my feelings type girls! I ended up with ppl I had no business with! With my current boyfriend was committed to doing this differently and it worked!! Great read.
  3. Courtney says:
    This is just truth from top to bottom! Being yourself and communicating what you want from day one are my two favorite points!! I see so many relationships fell because people either learn the person you actually are, and don’t like that person. Or they are just simply not on the same page. This was such a great read!
  4. Ash says:
    “Being yourself” has proven to be a challenging one. I didn’t realize how my actions were in alignment with my parent’s beliefs but not necessarily my own. It is imperative that people spend time with themselves to really find out WHO you are as an individual.

    It’s even more imperative for women to take time for themselves in between relationships to realign with who they are.

    • Toni says:
      I agree 100%! Conforming to what you “think” is right, or how others should view you, is the fastest way to misleading your Non-Existent Boyfriend. A lot of times women know who they are, but intentionally choose to act differently.
      Thanks for commenting!

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