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Hold Off on Your “Crazy”! Your Non-Existent Boyfriend May Not Be in to You, Because He’s into Men

Single women joke around all of the time and suggest that the Non-Existent Boyfriend they like, may not feel the same way about them because they’re… (well…) GAY! Sometimes, we do know that’s not the case. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend may not be into you simply because you’re YOU. Then there are other times.

Your Non-Existent Boyfriend may give you the cold shoulder because he’d rather be on the shoulder of a strong-armed man. (Yes, it’s true.)

Let’s face it. We live in a world where a lot of men are afraid to reveal their homosexual identity, and as a result, single women are subjected to their bullshit and shortcomings wondering why he “just won’t settle down”.

Now while I WISH I could give you all the signs to know whether your Non-Existent Boyfriend might be gay, I can’t. (Really, I can’t). I CAN however, encourage you to hold back on going off on him because you may just be wasting your energy.

Not only do I strongly encourage single women to scale back on releasing irrational emotions with the guy they’re not in a relationship with, but if he’s acting weird, doesn’t want to touch you, kiss you, be intimate or anything having to do with you involving sex, he’s either got a disease, or he’s gay.

There are so many Non-Existent Boyfriends that take women on a whirlwind, because they themselves aren’t sure of what they want sexually. Again, sometimes they just don’t want to settle down with you because there’s no connection or no real future. But in this case, they may want another man and NO single woman in the world can change that. If nothing else, be happy he’s acting shady, because you don’t want to be with ANYONE who can’t decide if they like cherries or bananas when it really matters. 

Remember, it’s never your job as a single woman to figure out why your Non-Existent Boyfriend is acting weird or “funny”. Your only job is to regulate emotional tangents that may have you looking like an immature fool. If you suspect your Non-Existent Boyfriend may be switching sides and creeping with the same sex, hold off on going in on him and tackling him for what he’s not doing with you.

Watch a little while to see how he is towards you sexually and if it’s not working for you, keep on moving. You don’t want to end up going crazy over a man who likes another man—simple. Refrain from going crazy when you won’t even get the results you want out of him anyway.

Until next time, try coming on to him or suggesting a hook up. If he declines, revisit this post.

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach)


5 Responses so far.

  1. Erica says:
    I am so done with you, lol. Say it ain’t so!
  2. Hahaaaaaaaa Girl I am cracking up at this title! So good! This is a topic for girl’s night!
  3. Ash says:
    OMG, you’re right!!! ha ha ha, women do have to consider that now. Speaking of gay men…. Being from Miami (the south n general) ideas of what masculinity is and how it looks makes it very difficult to see many men as straight. Now that I live in Atlanta, I promise I think most light skin men who are well groomed are gay (covers my eyes). I’m working on this! lol
    • Toni says:
      Lol (you are TOO funny). No matter what he wears or how he’s groomed, when rubber meets the road (no pun there) you’ll know for sure if he REALLY likes women.
      That’s why single women have to keep their crazy under control, because losing it over a man who likes men, is surely a waste of time.
      Thanks for your honest comment!

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