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A List of 21 CRAZY Questions You Should NEVER Ask Your Non-Existent Boyfriend When You First Meet

You’ve known the guy for a week!

What he makes yearly, if he’s getting busy with other women or if he’s still really good friends with his ex, should wait until you’re even sure you like your Non-Existent Boyfriend for real. Sure, you’re allowed to find out pivotal answers that can dictate how far you’ll go with your guy of interest, but there are just some questions that your Non-Existent Boyfriend isn’t ready to respond to. Besides, while you’re drilling him with question marks, he’ll be too busy thinking you might be another “crazy” one he met along the way.

So, read closely. Here goes the CRAZY questions you should avoid when you first meet your Non-Existent Boyfriend:

  1. Where were you when I called?
  2. When was the last time you had sex?
  3. Why did you break up with your last girlfriend?
  4. Am I your type?
  5. Have you ever cheated on a girl?
  6. Can you talk at work?
  7. What happened to you last night?
  8. Are you with me just for sex?
  9. What don’t you like about me so far?
  10. Have you ever used a girl?
  11. What’s your credit score?
  12. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sex?
  13. Do you think I’m too skinny/fat?
  14. When do I get to meet your friends?
  15. Do you have any friends that my friends could date?
  16. Will you follow me back if I follow you on social media?
  17. Do you send the girl you’re dating gifts, just because?
  18. How much do you make?
  19. Where do you see this (us) going?
  20. What’s the most you’d spend on a wedding ring?
  21. Do you think your mom will like me?

While you MAY brush these off as silly questions, too often, Non-Existent Boyfriends are drilled with these interrogative quizzes and it freaks them out!

The questions themselves aren’t horrible, but how soon you ask them is the defining moment of whether you’ll appear crazy or not.  

Don’t worry about his social media page just yet; he’ll think you’ll stalk him. And forget about the last time he had had sex. That has no bearing on you and him unless you plan on joining him and his girl friends on all the fun. And oh yeah, if you remotely think he’ll honestly answer what he was doing when he missed your call, guess again. He’ll regard that as a sure sign that your “crazy” is about to come on faster than your monthly cycle.

Until next time, stick to healthy conversations as your Non-Existent Boyfriend feels you out. Save week #2 for a legitimate question that matters like, “What is one of your accomplishments you’re really pleased with?” (That’ll put a smile on his face and conveniently tell you what you need to know about him).

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  1. Tisha says:
    Lol. Guilty of #15
  2. Toni says:
    Lol. Hi Tisha. I think we’ve all been guilty of one of these questions at one point in our dating lives. Thanks for commenting!

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