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Is it Crazy to Buy My New Non-Existent Boyfriend a Valentine’s Day Gift?

Hellllll yes!

That’s it. Don’t get his raggedy ass a gift! (LOL)

Okay, let me not go crazy. It’s not THAT extreme. But in all seriousness, there’s no need for you to confess how much you like your new Non-Existent Boyfriend by giving him his favorite football jersey, a big ol’ bag of his favorite chocolates or a gift card to his favorite department store, all in an attempt to feel wanted or conform to what you think liking a man is all about.

Don’t let the hype associated with society’s views on Valentine’s Day, have you spilling emotions and spending money (you don’t have) on a guy you’re not committed to or even seriously dating.

You’re probably asking yourself, Does this mean I don’t get my new Non-Existent Boyfriend ANYTHING? Not even something as simple as a generic V-Day card?

Yes! That’s exactly what this means.

Now by all means, I am NOT saying not to be kind or go out on a nice date with your new Non-Existent Boyfriend if he asks to hang out. I’m simply saying, consider your moves and the messages you convey on this day. The LAST thing you need is for your Non-Existent Boyfriend to confuse your “cool” with “crazy” and your “laid-back” with “looney” because you just HAD to give him a fuzzy teddy bear.

So what DO you do for your Non-Existent Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

There are so many ways to let your Non-Existent Boyfriend know you’re digging him without sending YOU or HIM into a frenzy. Throw him a few compliments on his outfit or swag that day, give him a casual back massage if the mood calls for it or squeeze in a few extra pecks on his neck to signal that you’re feeling him but not giving away the goodies JUST because it’s V-Day.

You don’t want your new Non-Existent Boyfriend thinking you’re in over your head with where your relationship might go, and you don’t want to develop habits that can lead into you pouting two months later, bitching to your girlfriends about the “shoulda-coulda-wouldas” associated with Valentine’s Day and your crazy actions.

You have to remember, although every man wants to feel wanted at some point by the woman they’re digging, they don’t put a lot of weight on February 14th with a new chick. To most men, Valentine’s Day is a “cheesy” day highly celebrated by women. And I’ll be honest– your new Non-Existent Boyfriend would rather have a beer on V-Day than be consumed with feeling nurtured by a girl he just met two weeks prior.

In general, I’m simply saying that there is no need to have to reward your new Non-Existent Boyfriend with a gift, and you haven’t even gotten around to learning who he really his and what his real intentions with you are.

Embrace the day when it comes, love yourself a little more if you need to and convince your new Non-Existent Boyfriend that Valentine’s Day has no bearing on you behaving irrationally or getting emotionally worked up because you’re not able to bask in a girly gift exchange.

Until next time, save your coins and embrace any pampering or special deeds that come your way on V-Day; you deserve it.

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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  1. AJ says:
    What if you’re feeling him? Nothing wrong with a small gift.
    • Toni says:
      Hi AJ,

      Try not to get too caught up in the gift thing. If you’re feeling him, he’ll know; a gift won’t prove that. Focus on being sincere, honest and having fun– that’s what the early stages of dating are all about.

      Thanks for commenting!

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