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Does Your CRAZY Use of Emojis Make Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Think You Might Be Trying Too Hard?

“Kissy” face here, heart eyes there and smiley faces all over the damn place! What IS it with these emojis?!

While you might think everything’s all good with the faces you continuously send through text, your Non-Existent Boyfriend may think otherwise. That little keyboard on your phone, with a plethora of emotional faces to choose from, could be the electronic demise of where you and your Non-Existent Boyfriend might go.

You’re probably already thinking, “What’s the big deal if I send the laughing emoji five times in a row?” Well if his jokes aren’t that funny, yet you’re cracking up as if he’s this great comedian, he’ll look into that and think you’re trying too damn hard.

To add to that, sending flirtatious emojis can get a bit tricky too. If your Non-Existent Boyfriend texts to check on you, or simply see how your day is going, there’s no need in sending an emoji blowing a kiss with a heart, (unless of course you guys have an established rapport and are both comfortable doing that.)  Those emojis you send speak volumes and you don’t want the guy you’re digging to think you’re desperately in need of his attention, or even more, in desperate need of a man.

Here’s the deal: We live in an age where communication has dumbed itself down to quick text messages. While it may not be the best form to convey feelings and everyday thoughts, it’s the truth. That said, you want to tread lightly in how you’re coming across to a man you’re just getting to know. If you’ve known him for quite some time, then you can gauge what’s appropriate. But if you just met your Non-Existent Boyfriend two weeks ago, and you’re already sending an emoji with a man and woman holding hands, just to say “hello”, there’s a problem. 

If texts are all he has to go by during the day until you and him actually speak on the phone, then being honest and clear in what you’re sending is important. If your Non-Existent Boyfriend cancels a date with you because something came up, don’t send the sad emoji with a tear drop. Let your Non-Existent Boyfriend know that it’s all good, and text what you really think (i.e. No problem. I was looking forward to hanging out, but handle your business.)

Again, this doesn’t suggest that emojis are forbidden, it just means you don’t want to create a habit of being too sappy, overly happy for simple things or in a rush to be mushy. 

If you’re unsure of what emoji to send, don’t send one. As a woman, you have the upper-hand because you tend to be able to relay how you feel in words, probably better than your Non-Existent Boyfriend can. Send short phrases that aren’t too bland or too emotional, and you’ll be on the right track until it’s time to text him a heart, (and it really means something to him.)

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