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3 Ways Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Will Test Your “Level of Crazy” Without You Even Knowing It

Did you think your Non-Existent Boyfriend was JUST testing your moves in bed or your level of intelligence after you and him got comfortable with one another?? Well, you’re WRONG!

He’s testing a lot more than that, but he’s going to hone in on one thing that’ll set the bar in terms of where your relationship will go him. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend is secretly giving you the “Crazy Test” and he’s giving it to you quickly!

He may not swab your mouth or place a stick into a cup of your urine, but he WILL test your “crazy” and do it in a way that’ll blind-side you if you’re not aware. You’re probably wondering why he tests you in this way or even what the significance is. Well, it’s simple. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend wants to check how crazy you’ll be if you and him decide to date, and he wants to see if your level of crazy is something he can tolerate.

You’re also probably wondering, “Who wrote this test?” and “Are the strategies and questions the same on every test Non-Existent Boyfriends give out?” The answer: Your Non-Existent Boyfriend is the author, and yes, the test is the same across the universe (some words may vary.)

Let’s get into it. Here are 3 ways your Non-Existent Boyfriend will test your level of “crazy” without you even knowing it:

  1. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will go out with his friends and not tell you OR tell you at the last minute.

This one is classic. C’mon, your Non-Existent Boyfriend wants to have a life outside of you. He may think you’re cool or that you look good, but he also likes his friends and wants to keep up the manly charades. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will go out with his friends and purposely not tell you, just to see how you’ll react. If he cancels a date with you to do this, that’s something totally different. This usually happens when you and your Non-Existent Boyfriend had no planned engagement. If you take his last-minute stunt in stride, you’ll get a check for this one. Let him be and encourage him to have fun. If you behave weirdly and question him about his last-minute decision to hang out, you’ll get a “X” on this question… (moving on).

  1. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will tell you a story about a female friend or a female co-worker.

There’s a popular saying that says something like, “Don’t worry about the woman he mentions. Worry about the woman he DOESN’T mention.” The same thing applies here, but some single women always seem to get this one wrong. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will test your level of crazy by purposely mentioning a story involving him and another woman. Considering that he’s not being devious and manipulative, he’s doing this to see how you’ll emotionally handle him being around estrogen. He wants to gauge how confident and comfortable you are when the opposite sex gets a portion of his time. Trust me, your Non-Existent Boyfriend, if he likes you, will never test you with a story dealing with another woman he’s feeling. So, when he does this test, just remember, he’s looking for a reaction from you, and your reaction should be NONE AT ALL.

  1. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will ask you about a time you acted crazy over/with a guy.

This to me, is the easiest question on your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s test. But you know what, some single women fail this one too. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend is indeed a man, so he’ll think and act like one when he delivers this question. It’s straightforward and raw. However, he’ll ask it a little playfully so not to make you feel as though he’ll judge you (although he is) and make you have to lie. When this question comes around, answer it honestly. Leave out unnecessary details and make sure to include the main reason you acted emotionally unstable over a guy that wasn’t yours. I’m not saying your Non-Existent Boyfriend may not give you the side-eye, but he’ll respect your honesty and it’ll give him the heads up on how you operate (or USE TO operate before you became controlled).

So there it is. You’ve either been tested already and are racking your brain for the answers you gave, or you haven’t been tested yet, but it’s coming. Be cautious of the words your Non-Existent Boyfriend uses to phrase his lines but understand that it all boils down to the same actions or questions for all men.

Until next time, sharpen your single girl tools and prepare for his crazy test tactics.


Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


4 Responses so far.

  1. Nicole says:
    I agree Toni. They will always ask you if you are crazy. When they ask me I ask them too, LOL.
    • Toni says:
      Hi Nicole,

      You’re correct! They may not use those exact words, but they definitely ask one way or another– especially if they find you to be “perfect” in their eyes.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Dionne says:
    Gosh I think I have been asked all of these and I sure was CRAZY!!! More so about questions 1 and 2 than 3. Sure enough things were not the same after.
    • Toni says:
      Hi Dionne,

      It’s happened to the best of us! No worries! You live and you learn from all of those crazy tests and experiences.
      Thanks for commenting!

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