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You’re Behaving Crazy Because You’ve Made Your Silly Daydreams of Your Non-Existent Boyfriend a Fake Reality


Get out of your head and come back to planet Earth. Your premeditated thoughts, your fake dates with him and your imaginary phone calls have you looking like a FOOL in reality. Here’s what I mean by that.

You’ve become so accustomed to creating a fairy tale in your mind, that when it’s time to interact with your Non-Existent Boyfriend, you act out on what you THOUGHT was going on in that brain of yours. I’ll break it down further for you.

You may be at work or riding along in your car and begin thinking about your Non-Existent Boyfriend. You envision you and him at dinner, laughing with one another, making silly jokes at the things you have in common and then him going back to your place, (or you to his) and having passionate intimacy. Suddenly, this image is stuck in your head. It’s frozen in your mind and you’re dying for it to come true. When you finally interact with your Non-Existent Boyfriend, and he does something you don’t like (i.e. He doesn’t ask you out to the dinner you imagined) you flip out and react in a way that shows signs of you being out-right crazy.

What happened in all of this was that you dwelled too heavily on “what could be” versus “what is”. As a result, you reacted on false hope and displayed behavior of a woman who is in desperate need of controlling her thoughts and emotions. It’s like going on a job interview and the employer tells you they’ll contact you with their decision in a few days. Rather than taking the interview at face value and waiting, you imagine sitting in the office that overlooks the water, you begin deciding how you’ll spend your money with the hefty salary you’ll be getting and all the ways you’ll be building a phenomenal relationship with your new boss once you land the gig. If the idea of that sounds bizarre, imagine what you’re doing when you ponder on a fabricated life with your Non-Existent Boyfriend and then act in a way that requires him to live up to your thoughts.

To avoid having this happen repeatedly, take things exactly for what they are—simple!  When you begin to take situations at face value, you’ll notice the daydreaming will cease and so will your desire to go crazy on him when he does something that you believe is irrational or weird. You can’t let a moment in your brain turn into how you think the story will play out. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend isn’t here for the weird shit, and you shouldn’t be setting yourself up for it either.

Until next time, focus on a hobby, a task or just go out and have fun to keep your mind occupied. Let things flow and if you don’t like how things are going with you and your Non-Existent Boyfriend, keep it moving and let those silly daydreams die.

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy Coach”),


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