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3 Crazy Signs that Prove Your Non-Existent Boyfriend is Wasting Your Damn Time

I know you think I’ll say the obvious on this one. You know, the typical: A sign that your Non-Existent Boyfriend is stringing you along is his “inconsistency”. 

While that may be true, we know that already; that’s the obvious! But what about the crazy signs? The ones you overlook that are right there in your face? 

Well I’m here to tell you. The crazy signs that prove your Non-Existent won’t turn your fling into a romance, and show that he’ll continue to string you along for a ride, are these crazy signs here: 

  1. He plans 50 first dates that never happen. 

Ummm…can I say, “been there!” When your Non-Existent Boyfriend plans dates, and they never happen, not only is he full of shit, but he’s wasting your time. When your Non-Existent Boyfriend is feeling you, and wants to see you dolled-up, he’ll take you out— simple. When he keeps blowing smoke and promises to take you out to dinner, and never really does, he has you on a string longer than you can imagine. 

  1. He tells you how amazingly, ridiculously, special you are to him, after less than a month of knowing you.

Okay, you’re cute. And yes, you’re very special. In fact, you’re one of the most incredibly talented and intelligent single women on the market! But why should your Non-Existent Boyfriend be telling you that and you haven’t even gotten past your second date or knowing what his favorite food is?! 

When your Non-Existent Boyfriend begins to like you, he’ll tell you. And when he thinks you’re one of the prettiest girls he’s met, you’ll know that too. But when your Non-Existent Boyfriend isn’t about wasting your time, he won’t rush into telling you a whole bunch of sweet nothings just to make you feel good early-on. He’ll be cautious of what he says because he knows his feelings and words are serious, and stringing you along with a shit load of adjectives, isn’t part of the plan. 

  1. He NEVER uses the “B” word. 

Okay, CLEARLY I’m not talking about the word “bitch”. We know your Non-Existent Boyfriend shouldn’t use that word toward you unless he’s reciting a line from a funny movie and wanted to share the recap. 

The “B” word I’m talking about is the word, “boyfriend”. 

When your Non-Existent Boyfriend strings you along, he’ll NEVER use the word “boyfriend” around you because he doesn’t want you to get any funny ideas. He won’t ask you “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” Or “When was the last time you had a boyfriend?”  He won’t ask you this, because he doesn’t care and he just might be wasting that precious time of yours. 

Now, I don’t mean you go crazy and wonder why your Non-Existent Boyfriend hasn’t used the “boyfriend” word after knowing him for only a few days. I mean, if it’s been three or more weeks and he hasn’t even gotten around to, “Why did your last boyfriend let you get away?” then chances are, you’re on that pretty little list of his titled, “Girls I Want to Waste Time On”.

While there are other signs that fit the bill on this topic, the 3 mentioned are sure to be the crazy ones you keep looking past and feeling silly after it’s too late. Don’t lose your mind and go berserk when your Non-Existent Boyfriend blatantly shows you what time it is. You’re not a puppet with a string from your rear end, and he’s no ventriloquist.  

Read the signs and simply/calmly make your clean exit before cool turns to “crazy” and time turns to “told ya so”. 

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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