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5 CRAZY Texts to Avoid Sending Your Non-Existent Boyfriend When You’re Feeling Emotional

I get it. It’s that time of the month, you’re itching to go out on a date, your Non-Existent Boyfriend is inconsistent, blah, blah, blah….

Please, I beg of you. Don’t let those feelings you have, take over those fingers of yours and get you to texting something crazy to your Non-Existent Boyfriend. Remember, he’s not in your head or in those conversations you have with your girlfriends, and that’s a good thing! The worst thing you can do is release your emotions to him through texts, all because you’re having a moment or because you think he should be readily available to hear what crazy things you have to say.

If your Non-Existent Boyfriend is acting shady, blowing smoke up that cute ass of yours, or even worse, not being truthful in his intentions with you, here are the 5 crazy texts to AVOID sending him:

  1. So you’re not gonna call/text me back?

This right here just looks desperate. Don’t send your Non-Existent Boyfriend a crazy text that suggests you’re trying to reprimand him. Unfortunately, (or fortunately), you’re not his mom. Don’t let your emotions tell you otherwise. You can’t force a man to be who you want him to be towards you. Period.

  1. Did I do something?

Umm…yeah! This right here! Don’t state the crazy obvious. In a lot of cases, there was nothing you necessarily did or said. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend just never planned on anything long-term with you. Asking him this annoying question will give you the answer you require very quickly.

  1. Lose my number.

Lol. This one is a crazy classic. You’re basically letting your Non-Existent Boyfriend off the hook and he has absolutely no problem releasing you once you utter these words. This text makes you seem childish, rude and crazy. Telling him to lose your number won’t change what happened between you and him. Memories stick with us, remember that. Even worse, if you ever feel the need to back-track and reach out to him again after this text, you’ll appear doubly crazy!

  1. Hey…I need to talk to you OR We need to talk.

Cardinal rule #1. Never tell your Non-Existent Boyfriend you need to talk to him during one of your emotional fits. This statement comes as close to saying, “Hello, I am Annoying, Overly-emotional and Crazy, and you are?” Men hate this statement when they are trying to avoid being confronted. Don’t say this to him, just do it!

  1. [* Insert heart-felt, overly dramatic, drawn-out, “you ain’t shit” speech *]

 Never, ever, ever get so deep into your emotions that you send your Non-Existent Boyfriend a speech worthy for the big screen. For starters, if you need to have a conversation with him regarding your feelings, call him or try to arrange a face-to-face meet up. If those are too difficult to coordinate because of his weird actions, wait for the time to arise. If your Non-Existent Boyfriend means you any good, he’ll call you or ask to meet up. Sending long text messages that make it hard for him to interpret your tone of voice or your emotional state, will definitely make him cringe and more importantly, not get you anywhere in your feelings. I’m not suggesting not to have open and honest conversations, but wait until you’re in a calm state, you’ve rationalized your emotions and you don’t use crazy language that seems offensive, immature or off-balance.


So, there it is. Take a breather when you feel like your emotions have the best of you. Step away from your keypad and avoid sending your Non-Existent Boyfriend text messages that you’ll regret the next day and that make you appear as though he got the best of you, and now you’re blowing your top. If he didn’t hurt one of your family members, he hasn’t publicly shamed you or he hasn’t cleaned out your bank account without you knowing, then rest assured, you’ll be alright, and you can hold off on sending him a text that puts you in Looney-ville.

Until next time, try writing your feelings in the Controlling Your Crazy notebook instead of texting him right away. It’ll relieve you of your thoughts and have you dodging that “crazy” bullet.

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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