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How to Hold Back on Acting Childish, Using F-Bombs and Throwing Low Blows When You Get DISSED by Your New Non-Existent Boyfriend

While it would feel soooo good to tell your new Non-Existent Boyfriend off, throw some low blows at him about his physical appearance or even send 60 boxes of pizza to his house along with a male dancer, that’s not the way to go—trust!

Many single women can attest to getting dissed by their new Non-Existent Boyfriends and they don’t like the feeling, nor do they know how to properly react. Going crazy and behaving childishly always seems to be the easiest way out of feeling played, but it’s the hardest thing to recover from. Meeting new men, building a rapport with them and then suddenly having them leave you out in the cold, really sucks. But there IS a way to behave sensibly towards Non-Existent Boyfriends like these, despite the stunts they pull.

There’s a quote I originated, that I always stand by—“Understand the difference between letting him know how you feel and acting crazy. Acting crazy NEVER lets him know how you feel.” I say this because it’s true dammit!

Your new Non-Existent Boyfriend will NEVER understand the point you’re trying to get across to him or the words you’re conveying through emotions if you go about it like a child with a tantrum. Men are wired to tune you out, (even if they’re at fault), the moment you blow your top. Your new Non-Existent Boyfriend is no different. You don’t want to curse uncontrollably, refer to his manhood as anything small or talk about his mother just because he tried to do something mean.

 If your Non-Existent Boyfriend did something that pissed you off or he just blatantly “curved” you without reason, here’s the simple solution to not going crazy:

  1. Take a breather, no matter what the situation is. Breathing slowly for 10 or more seconds REALLY helps you to rationalize things.
  2. Think about if you really give a f*ck that he dissed you and if that’s going to affect your bills, your job, your family or that ridiculously cute outfit you have tucked away for “girls night”.
  3. If the opportunity arises, call him to let him know how you feel or that what he did wasn’t cool (NO TEXTING THIS). If he doesn’t answer or doesn’t call you back, let it go; you can’t change an asshole.
  4. Move on and resist the urge to prove points and make your voice heard. This is the fastest way to behaving crazy. Your new Non-Existent Boyfriend isn’t worth that much energy, especially if he dissed you—he himself doesn’t even care.

Basically, it’s super-important to hold off on lashing out vulgarly because the new Non-Existent Boyfriend you met pulls a fast one. I stress time-and-time-again, it’s not about being mute towards him and silencing your thoughts, it’s all about controlling irrational emotions that make you look reckless, child-like and lower your worth.

Until next time, follow the sensible steps above and leave that guy right where things started with him… NON-EXISTENT!

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy coach”),


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