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Your Non-Existent Boyfriend KNOWS You’re Crazy Because Your Friends, Family & ‘Nem Know All About Him ALREADY!

I know how it is. You meet a great guy and your intuitive feelings tell you, “He’s in for the long haul!”

There’s no problem feeling that way or being responsibly insightful. The only problem is, you met this guy on a Monday, and by Friday your friends and family know what he looks like, what his favorite color is and even worse, he knows that you’ve shared some of that information with others!

Your Non-Existent Boyfriend isn’t as naive as you’d like to make him out to be. He’s keen to the things you say, and he can pick-up on subliminal messages you send across that tell him you are wayyyyyyyy too eager to put him on the forefront to your friends and family members. Inviting him to your mother’s barbecue or your best friend’s get-together in less than a few weeks of knowing him, is a bit much and more than likely, your Non-Existent Boyfriend wants no parts of it.

Part of the reason single women end up on the crazy end of things, are for reasons like this. They take casually meeting a Non-Existent Boyfriend and turn it into a future relationship that doesn’t exist yet, (remember, he’s non-existent until there’s some sort of exclusivity).

I know you’re thinking, “Am I NOT supposed to tell my family and friends about a nice Non-Existent Boyfriend I met?” and the answer to that is, OF COURSE YOU CAN!

What you should try to avoid is, divulging in what “could be” with the Non-Existent Boyfriend you just met and just simply “let it be”. Letting your friends and your family in on things about your Non-Existent Boyfriend too early, resonates with him on the back end. He’ll sense you’re not use to having relationships with men and pass it off as a “Crazy girl” thing.

He’ll also think about all the other single women who rushed to tell their friends about him, all before he could even get around to knowing YOU and telling his friends about the woman he met!

Meeting a great Non-Existent Boyfriend can be very much exciting. It’s normal as a single woman to want to settle down with a guy who treats you kindly and respects you in every way imaginable. However, crazily telling everyone you know about your Non-Existent Boyfriend before getting to date number one or two, will come off as a sign that you’re going to go haywire if he does something you can’t handle or if he doesn’t move at a pace that is aligned to how quickly you move.

It takes a while to really get to know someone and you don’t want to ruin your chances with a potentially good guy because you can’t keep your mouth shut about a make-believe future. You’ll possibly turn your Non-Existent Boyfriend off and end up feeling sucky because another one bit the dust.

Until next time, hold your horses, take a breather and let fate do the work before you run and spread your good news on the encounter you had with a guy you barely even know. Life will wait on you and more importantly, your Non-Existent Boyfriend will too if only you’d let him.

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),


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