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Stop Going Crazy Over the Non-Existent Boyfriend Who Refuses to Take You Out!

So you’re just gonna keep throwing hints at him, hoping he’ll wine and dine you???

He’s not.

Because you’ve already sent a message that suggests you’re okay with him not going out on dates, he’s comfortable and he refuses to offer you a fish dinner just because you look good in your jeans.

Today, right now, your indiscreet begging needs to end. You need to stop going emotionally crazy over a Non-Existent Boyfriend who won’t commit to spending time with you outside of his bedroom or behind the phone.

Here’s what’s happening:

You’ve established a routine through mutual actions with your Non-Existent Boyfriend that has placed you on the back-burner of his “places to go out with a girl”. You’ve either slept with him multiple times, had recurrent phone calls/texts with him and he’s become complacent in not taking you seriously enough to want to hang out.

In an attempt to get closer to him or build a deeper connection, you throw hints at him that imply that you want to be in his presence before a waitress and a bartender. He’s not into you that deeply to want to do that, and as a result, you’re getting emotionally worked up and headed into crazy-zone.

When a guy wants to take you out for a few drinks or gaze into your eyes over candlelight on a table-for-two, he won’t hesitate to do it, even if it means cutting into his pockets or his busy schedule. The moment you’ve had more than a couple of conversations with your Non-Existent Boyfriend on the phone, and he hasn’t brought up hanging out, chances are he’s not and you need to head into the other direction if that’s not what you signed up for.

If this sounds like something that happens a lot with you in the dating field, you need to start now by avoiding behaviors like asking him to hang out or suggesting he should spend money on you at movie or something.

Your Non-Existent Boyfriend, if he’s the right match for you, should be crazy about wanting to get to know you! You should NOT be going crazy trying to figure out what his deal his because you want to be courted at a fancy restaurant.

And for Heaven’s sake, do not fall into the trap of “calling him out” for not taking you out!

That tactic translates into you forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do and in turn, leaves you exhausted from giving off unnecessary emotional energy that could be spent on something way more serious.

From the beginning, if you sense the signs that say, he’s not willing to date, hit the road—you’ll be happy you did later. You and your Non-Existent Boyfriend are both aware that he’s not into hanging out if it involves spending money or driving around town. Therefore, hold back on that crazy trigger that pushes him to do otherwise.

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