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Stop These 3 Behaviors NOW Before You and Your Friends Grow Old and CRAZY, Blaming All of Your Non-Existent Boyfriends

Here you are, aging before your eyes and you still can’t control your crazy emotions when it comes to dating. As if that isn’t heart-wrenching enough, your circle of friends are in the same boat because they too keep acting like a fool when they begin getting cozy with a Non-Existent Boyfriend.

So what’s really good?

Is it something you’re doing that’s preventing you from settling down with a Non-Existent Boyfriend you like? Is it your choice of words uttered to him? Is it the influence of your crazy friends?


There are 3 behaviors you and your friends keep doing that’ll have you growing old together, blaming the Non-Existent Boyfriends you date along the way. Here’s what you’re doing and here’s how to stop before you end up old, crazy and single:

  1. Jumping the gun before you’ve confirmed your dating status with your Non-Existent Boyfriend 

One of the major problems single women encounter, is taking their situation with their Non-Existent Boyfriend for more than what it is. Rather than taking the three dates you went on with him as three dates, you envision yourself being his forever girlfriend, taking him home to mom or demanding that there be three more dates to follow. There’s nothing wrong in thinking that your Non-Existent Boyfriend could be a potential mate after some great conversations or phenomenal hangouts. However, imagining that he’s “the one” and totally isolating other prospects because you believe your Non-Existent Boyfriend is the end-all be-all, leaves you in a crazy emotional state. Settle down, go with the flow and let nature take its course unless there’s a storm.

2. Taking advice from friends who are emotionally unhealthy and think irrationally

This is all too common. Single women run for rescue by going to their friends; except they’re going to the wrong ones! Getting advice from a friend who is single, dating or married is completely safe. What’s crazy is taking advice from someone who can’t get their emotions together and behaves recklessly when dealing with a Non-Existent Boyfriend. If your friend gives you advice that you have to second-guess or rebuttal with three or more questions, don’t take it. You and your friend will end up like Golden Girls’ very own Blanche– cute, successful, single and crazy!

3. Requiring your Non-Existent Boyfriend to live up to standards he never committed to

You met your Non-Existent Boyfriend and from the beginning, he told you he had a very busy work schedule. Although he was able to wine-and-dine you with his busy schedule, you somehow ignored what he initially told you. Now that he’s done impressing you (because they all do), and getting to know a little more about you, you want him to damn near quit his job and focus on YOU! Here’s the deal; your Non-Existent Boyfriend never told you he’d make it a priority to see you six times a week. He told you he had a very busy wok schedule, so you should’ve believed him. Regardless of the efforts he made to pencil you in his life in the initial stages , has nothing to do with the life he really lives. When you begin imposing dates on him, demanding material things or suggesting he accommodate you unnecessarily, you enter the crazy zone and he exits just like every other Non-Existent Boyfriend you’ve done this to.


Growing old and crazy works for some single women. They’re fully content in how they handle their dating life and if that makes their toes tingle, so be it. If you and your friends are single and are thriving for an emotionally-balanced dating life that can turn into a blooming relationship, quit behaving like you don’t want that. The Golden  Girls may be cute for TV, but this here is real life.


Your favorite blogger, (and “Crazy” coach),



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