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Do You Remember the CRAZY Time Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Met Your Parents and Still Didn’t Commit??

You brought this man home to meet mama, and he still hasn’t sealed the deal!

Not surprised.

Many Non-Existent Boyfriends have you going crazy because they encourage you to “bring them around”, and when you do, nothing stems from it. This is not uncommon.

While we’d like to believe many single women wait before introducing their Non-Existent Boyfriend to their parents, many do not because they assume their current situation will only go uphill.

Unfortunately, the only thing that goes up are your stress levels and urges to go ballistic on the Non-Existent Boyfriend before you. You get this crazy urge to behave irrationally when your Non-Existent Boyfriend meets your parents and still doesn’t end up being your man.

I’ll break this down really quickly and explain how to control your crazy when this happens.

The reason your Non-Existent Boyfriend wants to meet your folks is because he likes you, he likes what you can do for him or he likes what you can do WITH him. He hasn’t committed to you yet because he’s not sure about a relationship, however he still wants to get in good with the fam; don’t be fooled.

Instead, when he suggests to you that he should come around, encourage him that you’d love that too, but you’re just waiting for the perfect time before you bring a “male friend” home. More than likely he’ll reflect on your response and he’ll scale back on wanting to have a cold beer with your dad.

Taking this approach will avoid the crazy attitude later. Jumping in too quickly and bringing your Non-Existent Boyfriend around before he’s made any gestures to make you his partner, will surely put you in a bind.

This may work for some single women, but when it doesn’t work for you, this is the simplest solution to dodging potential and irrational emotions to spew. You’re probably thinking, “Why can’t I confront him about this if he meets my parents and doesn’t commit? Why can’t I call him out?” and the answer is simple.


Him meeting dad, mom or grandma was a HUGE deal to you, but it wasn’t that a great a deal to him– remember that. I’m not suggesting that your Non-Existent Boyfriend doesn’t care about meeting your family, but if it’s not enough to make him commit, then it wasn’t that important.


Until next time, resist the temptation to bring your Non-Existent Boyfriend over for Thanksgiving if you’re not sure he’s the one. He may look cute slicing the turkey with pops, but if the new year rolls around and he still hasn’t asked you for a committed partnership, you’re bound to be his crazy victim.

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy Coach”),


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