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Find Out the #1 Reason Why You Keep Acting Crazy Over the Non-Existent Boyfriend Who Isn’t Even Your Type!


I get it– you’re completely confused as to why you’re losing your cool, checking his social media page and behaving erratically, when the Non-Existent Boyfriend you’re digging isn’t even your type to begin with!

Whether the reason behind your dislike of him is that he has no life, you find him unattractive, or you and him have absolutely no connection, you’re still willing to step outside of yourself and reveal your “crazy” ways.  He doesn’t make your toes wiggle or make the hairs on your neck stand at attention when he kisses you there, yet you can’t shake him or settle in your feelings.

So,  I’ll be the first to tell you.

No, you’re not a desperate and hopeless romantic, and no it’s not because you’re a nymphomaniac who needs to get her rocks off… (okay, maybe just a little). There’s a deeper reason, more simple than you think, and I’m here to reveal it.

The #1 reason you keep acting crazy, saying things you shouldn’t say and behaving emotionally unstable over your Non-Existent Boyfriend of no interest, is because he validates you! (Bam! It’s out there!)

Your unattractive, lame or even horribly-dressed Non-Existent Boyfriend has you doing the same crazy shit you did with other men because you don’t want to lose the guy who appreciates you exactly how you are.

Now don’t get this twisted; I’m not suggesting you need any man to validate the woman you’ve become. You should be proud of the single woman that you are and all that you’ve dealt with in this crazy dating world. However, it feels good to know you have a Non-Existent Boyfriend with great lip service and one who can assure you that you’re an amazing piece of work.

You’re willing to look past his super-baggy jeans, the grey patch of hair on his back or even his boring phone conversations, so long as you feel extra special by his words/actions from time-to-time.

I’ll leave with this:

However you choose to invest your emotions with the Non-Existent Boyfriend who’s not your type, don’t take for granted what he thinks of you during your crazy fits. You not being that attracted to him doesn’t suddenly open the door to you questioning him, checking up on him unannounced or stalking his ex-girlfriend’s whereabouts. Always remember that you’re still a representation of yourself and “crazy” never looks good to ANYONE!

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach),



2 Responses so far.

  1. Emma Wright says:
    So would you say we are attention seekers?
    • Toni says:
      Hi Emma,

      Many single women are NOT attention seekers. However, for some single women, it feels good getting comfort from a man who really digs your personality.

      Thanks for commenting!

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