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How Your Crazy Dating Timelines Are Running Your Non-Existing Boyfriends Away!

Proposed to by 34, married by 35, children by 36 and homeownership with him somewhere in between that. The problem is, you’re 33 and he’s not your man!

Your personal dating timelines are just that…YOURS! They are the timelines you set for yourself without letting your potential man in on. You’re running off every Non-Existent Boyfriend you come in an encounter with, and it’s time to put those crazy ways behind you.

It’s okay to want to accomplish certain things in a certain amount of time when you’re dating. However, when you put those things out on the table to your Non-Existent Boyfriend and indirectly force him to abide by it, then there’s a problem. Upon meeting a new Non-Existent Boyfriend, freely tell him the things you want out of your dating life, IF the topic arises. More than likely, he’ll share with you what he wants out of dating also. If it sounds like two plans that’ll coincide, then let the chips fall where they may. If it sounds like two plans that’ll collide, then by all means, recognize that he may not be a fit and YOU CAN’T FORCE IT.

Letting your Non-Existent Boyfriend in on your desires can be very scary; I get it. Unfortunately, if you’re in search of a good man and you’re willing to drop your crazy habits, then it’s something you have to get used to doing. Again, once you open up to him and share what you’re looking for out of dating, go with a normal flow. Never, ever impose your set dates and age limits on him because he may have his own time sheet.

Furthermore, a good thing should never be rushed or fixed to a timeline. I say it all the time. If your Non-Existent Boyfriend respects you, he’s kind, he takes you out a fair amount of times and you two get along, ditch the old crazy timeline of yours and get a chance to REALLY date him. He’ll like you even more for it, and you’ll love yourself for not holding on to what you thought your dating life with a man should be.

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