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Control Your Crazy (and Coins) When Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Asks to Borrow Money!


Did he really just ask me to borrow MY money??

There are some Non-Existent Boyfriends out there who have no shame– what’s yours is yours and what’s yours is HIS!

I beg of you, do not go crazy when your Non-Existent Boyfriend asks you to borrow your hard-earned coins. Believe it or not, going crazy won’t change the fact that he already uttered the ugly words, “Can I borrow (*fill-in inappropriate amount)?”

Here’s the deal: some Non-Existent Boyfriends don’t have your best interest at heart. Sure, they may be attracted to you and probably want to hang out, but if you and him share NO title and he hasn’t committed to sticking with you for the long haul, keep your wallet tucked away! And even IF he his your partner, it’s at your discretion to lend him your crispy dollars.

More importantly, there’s no need to get irrational and throw a fit if he asks for a loan. If you’re uncomfortable, simply tell him “no”. If you feel the need to justify your “no”, then so be it. If not, your Non-Existent Boyfriend should know exactly what “no” means. Afterall, he’s not your man and you’re still getting to know him for exactly who he is.

You control the narrative between you and your Non-Existent Boyfriend. If him asking you for a loan early-on, pushes you over the edge, then there’s a lot of regulating in your emotions that need to be dealt with. Keep your coins, decide if he’s even the right one for you and control your urge to throw curse words at him— he’ll end up asking someone else for money any way.

Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy” coach),


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  1. Taylor says:
    Cussing him out means that I’m emotional??? Well I’m emotional then cause he’s getting cussed out! Lol. Not actual curse words but definitely getting put in his place. My first reaction isn’t No. My first reaction is, “What?” Then who knows what I’ll say next.🤷🏾‍♀️
  2. Toni says:
    Hi Taylor,

    Lol! I hear you! Cursing him out doesn’t make you emotional, it makes you crazy– here’s why:

    Your Non-Existent Boyfriend already asked you for the money. We can’t reverse time or words. Because he already asked, your only job is to tell him “no”. There’s so much power in saying “no” and letting it rest. No explanation, no commentary, no justification.

    Getting in a hissy fit raises your blood pressure and it may even get you enraged. As you said, “who knows what you’ll say next.” We don’t won’t that for you. Remain calm, hit him with one word, and let his brain cells marinate your response. He’ll pick up on your assertiveness in no time without you uttering a word.

    Think about it!

    Thanks for commenting!!

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