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1 CRAZY Trick to Have Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Go From TEXTER to TALKER!

You meet him, he seems cool, you exchange numbers and then the stupid shit starts…(the unthinkable for a guy his age…)


He never gives you ONE quality conversation because he’s too busy putting your thumbs to work! 

Your sad reality is that your Non-Existent Boyfriend wants to get to know you better through his favorite handheld gadget. He wants to text you until Kingdom come and you’re not here for it in this decade. 

It’s no secret that we live in a world that is ran by the use of technology. It’s also no secret that you could give a shit about that. You want your Non-Existent Boyfriend to court you the way your mom got to know your pops, and texting wasn’t it. 

So how do you get your new Non-Existent Boyfriend to pick the phone up and talk to you??!! (I’ll tell you!)

The moment your Non-Existent Boyfriend shows signs that you and him will be texting and not speaking, you have to nip that in the bud. 

Now careful, this should be done in a controlled way and not one that suggests you’re going to “check him” or tell him how important you are to this universe. You want to subtly tell him you prefer talking over texting, without actually saying you prefer talking over texting. 

During your first text convo with your Non-Existent Boyfriend, cut his question or statement short by texting, “I pictured you sounding so SEXy over the phone. You know, to match your looks.” The only word he’ll pick out of all you said is “sex” or “sexy”. 

Your Non-Existent never wants to feel pressured into talking to ANY woman if he doesn’t have to. But if you appear light, fun and willing, he’ll be sure to cave in! Now this doesn’t mean you’ll do whatever he wants or asks, but it’s a little Controlling Your Crazy secret to get him to pick up the phone and challenge you on that “sex” he read in the palms of his hands. Once you start one phone convo, it’ll lead into two and you can take it from there with your controlled choice of words and controlled emotions. 

Until next time, try this trick and take your little texter to your favorite late-night talker. 

Your favorite blogger (and “Crazy” coach), 


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