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Let the Church Say Amen!: Why Sundays Make MOST Single Women Go CRAZY Over Their Non-Existent Boyfriend

While Sundays should be a day of rest, relaxation and meditation, you’re getting worked up and rehearsing the lines you’ll throw at your Non-Existent Boyfriend before Monday morning arrives!

Let’s face it, your good-for-nothing Non-Existent Boyfriend hasn’t taken you out all weekend, gestured to spend time with you, or even worse, hasn’t even called to check on you. So, why wouldn’t you be ready to go crazy on a guy like this?!

The questions that need to be asked before anything are, What is it about waiting until Sunday? and Why is this peaceful day the most dreadful for a single woman who isn’t having luck with the Non-Existent Boyfriends who aren’t her man? (I’ll tell you!)

Sundays get you worked up because it’s the final day you give your Non-Existent Boyfriend the opportunity to fess up for his disappearance or weird behavior. It’s also the day that allowed you to remain calm on Friday and Saturday while you did mediocre investigating on his whereabouts.

This is the point you may be asking, Is this some statistical shit? Am I really going crazy on Sundays over guys I unsuccessfully date?? Well, most of the crazy stories I hear come to me on a Sunday, and yes, you ARE going crazy at the end of the weekend because of your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s inconsistency. (*Take a breath right here)

Not to mention, Sundays are usually the day you reach your wit’s end, curse your Non-Existent Boyfriend out for his weird behaviors, and like a diet, start fresh on Monday (in this case, with men!) Psychologically, Sundays work as your refresher. You’re ready to live-up to self-talks about appreciating your job and you’re also ready to live-up to your own vows about not being fooled by another man.

Controlling the urge to flip-out on Sundays and avoid becoming another crazy statistic are very important. The moment you get weird vibes or questionable behaviors from your Non-Existent Boyfriend, you nip it in the bud by reevaluating if he’s the guy you need to date at the moment and reflecting on signs that you may have overlooked. Allowing feelings to bottle up or waiting to see if he’ll diss you for the 10th time are true signs that you’ll end up going off of the deep end.

Until the next Sunday, pour a glass of an adult beverage in your Controlling Your Crazy wine glass, read a good book (my Controlling Your Crazy e-book) and choose hump day to let your Non-Existent Boyfriend know you’d be better off having fun with him as distant friends (in a controlled way of course).

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