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The CRAZY Reason He Took Your Number and Only Called You Once (or None At All)!

“Ain’t this bout’ a bi*ch!” The fool saw you out on the night scene, asked for your number and had the audacity to only call you one freaking time! There’s a CRAZY reason behind that, and I’ll tell you what it is. It had nothing to do with how you looked or that you chose […]

Your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s CRAZY Timing Should be the First Indicator That He’s Full of Shit!

Now, let’s be real here. Going for drinks at 11:00 a.m. with your new Non-Existent Boyfriend, IS NOT an ideal date! While you’re throwing back martinis for breakfast, your head and stomach are getting ready to explode because it doesn’t know what the hell you just did to it! Your new Non-Existent Boyfriend may try […]

Your New Non-Existent Boyfriend Trusts You Way More Than You Think, and You Can’t Afford to F*ck That Up by Acting CRAZY!

While I would like to tell you that your new Non-Existent Boyfriend needs a year before he lets you in his space and reveals certain things to you, it’s all a damn lie. The new guy you just met at the mall, the one who’s calling and texting you every night, who probably wants to […]

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Has Your CRAZY List, Unrealistic Requests and “Make Me Your Girlfriend” Attitude Left You Single Longer Than You Expected?

Ouch! While I NEVER like to sting too badly with my words, I had to go here! Your little list and ruthless demands for your Non-Existent Boyfriend have left you single and too frustrated to mingle. It’s time to listen up to where you might be going wrong! Now, by all means, I am NOT […]

The CRAZY Reasons Why You Should Be Dating Two or More Men At a Time in the Early Stages!

Forget the old school mumbo-jumbo you heard about dating one guy, and how it’s the right thing to do because “mama told you so”! If you’re tired of going crazy over a guy, time-after-time, then your best bet is to make sure you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! You need as […]

The Top 2 Reasons Why the Non-Existent Boyfriend Who Dissed You, Also Thinks You’re Full of Sh*t

  Yes, it’s true. The new guy you’ve been talking to on the phone, dedicating your precious time to and giving your emotions to only for him to manipulate them, doesn’t take you seriously and actually thinks you’re full of it! There’s a reason for that, and of course I’m here to break it down. […]

I Know How Long You Should Wait Before You Have Sex With Your Non-Existent Boyfriend

Grab your calendar, a perfectly sharpened pencil, and get ready to track down the potential  “sexcapades” you’ll have with your Non-Existent Boyfriend… NOT!!!! While I would like to paint a pretty timeline of when you should give your Non-Existent Boyfriend the “goods”, the “cookies” or the “va-jay-jay”, that’s impossible! Never get caught up on when […]

Is Your Past Hurt from Other Men Making You Say Crazy Sh*t to Your Non-Existent Boyfriend?

Your past is a part of you. It’s a part of your emotions and as far as I’m concerned, your emotions go wherever you do. HOWEVER, putting the emotions from your past hurt onto a guy who has nothing to do with it, is a surefire way for you to say some crazy shit! While […]

3 Reasons Why Your CRAZY Habit of Letting Him Court You Through Text is Keeping You Single!

Dammit! I didn’t want to have to go here, but by now you know the only way I can keep it, is REAL! As much as you’d like to blame EVERYTHING on all of your Non-Existent Boyfriends as to why you’re single, you have to accept some of the blame for your single rut. Some […]

3 CRAZY Reasons Why You Can NEVER Get Past a Certain Point with Every Non-Existent Boyfriend You Meet

Who knew N’ Sync’s, Bye, Bye, Bye would be on rotate in your playlist? Let’s face it, every guy you meet turns into dead-end and you’re sick of it!– (you should be). The dating world is ROUGH, and quite frankly, you’re all out of answers for the Non-Existent Boyfriend’s behaviors. He’s either blamed for being inconsistent, […]