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The 3 Most Common Lies You Tell Your Non-Existent Boyfriend that Make Him Call You CRAZY

“Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!”

Yes, as much as you don’t want to relive childhood memories of annoying songs, we gotta go here! Your lies are catching up to you and your Non-Existent Boyfriend thinks you’re crazy because of it. The little fibs you tell don’t add up with your man of interest and quite frankly, he doesn’t want a woman who has to lie to make him jealous or a woman who has to lie to make him commit.

For those of you who don’t lie to the men you’re newly dating, you’re probably wondering why some single women even lie to begin with; I’ll tell you. Some women tell lies to their Non-Existent Boyfriend to either keep him on his toes or to appear marketable. There’s no science behind it, but this is what some women like you do, and your Non-Existent Boyfriend writes you off in fear that you’ll tell even CRAZIER lies down-the-line.

So, let’s get into it! Here are the 3 most common lies you probably tell your Non-Existent Boyfriend that make him call you crazy:

  1. “I go out on dates with other guys!” (OR) “I have sooo many guy friends!”

This lie makes your Non-Existent Boyfriend think he has no chance with you because you’re spreading yourself thin will all the men in town. You think this lie will work because you want to make your Non-Existent Boyfriend jealous. However, when he discovers these things are not true about your dating life, or your fake testosterone-filled social circle, he’ll dismiss you as a CRAZY liar who wants to appear that you’re the hottest thing on the market!

  1. “I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now.” (OR) “I’m too busy to date.”

If you’re looking for a good man to settle down with, let your Non-Existent Boyfriend know that from the very beginning. Whether or not he’s looking for a woman to commit to, your job is to be honest with him; (if he means well, he’ll stick around.) The moment you begin going crazy on your Non-Existent Boyfriend, questioning his whereabouts and acting like his girlfriend, he’ll think you lied when you told him you weren’t in search of a “real thing”. Be up front from the start so you don’t appear emotionally confused later.

To add, NEVER lie and tell your Non-Existent Boyfriend you’re too busy to date him IF that’s not the truth. Once your Non-Existent Boyfriend realizes that your idea of being busy is watching television and drinking wine, he’ll think you’re crazy for lying about your daily regimen and he’ll wonder how busy you were to have even given him your number to begin with. Remember, working people are all busy to some extent. There’s no need to act like Beyoncé just to make him think you’re a big deal to date.

  1. “I haven’t had sex in forever!” OR “I’m a virgin.”

Please, by all means, don’t divulge in your sexual life with your Non-Existent Boyfriend, ESPECIALLY if you’re going to lie about it. For one, your sexual life is very personal to be sharing with a man you’re getting to know. Also, if you lie about your number of sexual partners or appear like the Virgin Mary, he’ll think you’re a floozy who lied to seem innocent. Unfortunately, it won’t stop there. He’ll call you crazy and assume you’ll lie here on out about all of your past experiences with men.

A man wants to feel as if he’s lucky to lay down with you. That doesn’t mean he’s necessarily concerned about your “number”, it means you’re so special and down-to-earth that he KNOWS he has a prize.


You see, Non-Existent Boyfriends across the world pretty much think alike. If you lie to a guy you just met, he’ll think you’re crazy. This may not be the best ruling of who you really are, but that’s how HE’LL see it. Chances are, your Non-Existent Boyfriend is honest with his intentions when he meets you. He doesn’t know much about you so everything’s fair game in the beginning. If he finds out you’re a little white liar down the line, he’ll get turned off and move on!

Until next time, keep it 100 and don’t lie as a form of impression, a turn-on or a way to seem cool; you’re who you are and he’ll love you for it.


Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy Coach”),




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