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3 CRAZY Reasons Why You Can NEVER Get Past a Certain Point with Every Non-Existent Boyfriend You Meet

Who knew N’ Sync’s, Bye, Bye, Bye would be on rotate in your playlist? Let’s face it, every guy you meet turns into dead-end and you’re sick of it!– (you should be).

The dating world is ROUGH, and quite frankly, you’re all out of answers for the Non-Existent Boyfriend’s behaviors. He’s either blamed for being inconsistent, not serious enough, being a liar and even being a classic piece of shit. But is every Non-Existent Boyfriend in the world this way? Are they the sole reason why you can never get past point A with them? This may hurt, but it might be you… (*Cue Bye, Bye, Bye again).

While every woman is different in dating, there are some things that are just the same– and I get it! I know some of these men out here can be a hot mess, but it’s unfair to keep blaming them for the reason why you’ve been single longer than a dollar bill.

There are 3 crazy reasons why you can never get past a certain point with every Non-Existent Boyfriend you meet, and I’m going to tell you why.

  1. You haven’t changed your bad habits

(Stop whining that “you’re not changing for any Non-Existent Boyfriend”; I can hear you.)

The bad habits I’m referring to are the one’s you’ve developed while dating. That could be the bad habit of judging others through conversation with him (*turn-off);  trying to fully control his dating patterns early-on (*stating when he should be texting/calling/seeing you in spite of his schedule); inserting sarcasm or sassiness into your responses with him instead of being forward; or even seeming uninterested in the things he might find intriguing when he shares them with you. Your little ways have come back to bite you and the Non-Existent Boyfriends you’re meeting aren’t turning their blind eye.

2.  You’re consumed with your crazy friend’s advice

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Going to a woman who is not rational in how she approaches men, talks to men or even engages with men while she’s dating them, is NOT the best person to turn to for advice about your struggles. If your crazy friend is telling you things like, “Curse/Call him out!”, “Pop-up on him!”, “Create a fake social media account!”, or better, “Reach out to his ex!”, you need to run and run fast! By all means, I am not suggesting to end your budding friendship with your bestie. I’m just saying, you won’t get far listening to a woman who is leading you down a crazy path and worse, might not be having luck with Non-Existent Boyfriends herself.

3. You’re impatient and he can tell

Please don’t mistake your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s love for football, naked women and card games as a sign that he can’t read subliminal messages from what you say and your actions behind it. Here’s what I mean: You meet your Non-Existent Boyfriend on a Friday night, and by Sunday, you’re telling him you’ve been seeing previews for Julia Roberts’ latest flick and you HAVE to see her movie before the week is up because everyone will be talking about it at work. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend knows that’s a sign for, “Please take me to the movies very soon sir. It’ll be the perfect first date!

He can also tell you’re impatient because you keep bringing up how great of a woman you are, (like he can’t recognize that) and how the men in your past didn’t deserve you and they’re all losers. This tells your Non-Existent Boyfriend that you’re forcefully showcasing your qualities and you wanna get picked up by a good man now! If you know what you’re worth, there’s no need to put it on a billboard. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend is picking up on all of your great characteristics simply by the things you’re saying and what you’re doing low key.


You see, not all the time is it the Non-Existent Boyfriends that cause a little trouble. While you may have incredible things going for you, you might need to reevaluate your ways, and see if what you’re doing is causing every guy you meet to vanish by date #2. Go ahead, switch that song on your phone to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love, retire some of your old ways that don’t compliment who you really are, and watch your whole life change while dating your Non-Existent Boyfriend.

Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy Coach”),



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