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I Know How Long You Should Wait Before You Have Sex With Your Non-Existent Boyfriend

Grab your calendar, a perfectly sharpened pencil, and get ready to track down the potential  “sexcapades” you’ll have with your Non-Existent Boyfriend…


While I would like to paint a pretty timeline of when you should give your Non-Existent Boyfriend the “goods”, the “cookies” or the “va-jay-jay”, that’s impossible! Never get caught up on when you should have sex with your Non-Existent Boyfriend, in hopes of him taking you more seriously.

For one, you’re using your body as bait, which is horrible! Your body is a prized possession and if you’re using it to intimidate or lure a man in, you’re dating for the wrong reasons.

Secondly, your Non-Existent Boyfriend already knows whether you’re his potential girl, and sex from you won’t change or alter that. Sure, if you give it up on the first night, he may think you’re the freak he’s been looking for. However, the things you say and how you act are more telling than you actually opening your legs.

The best time to have sex with the man you’re not in a relationship with, is when you feel comfortable doing it and he does too. There should be no pressure, alcohol or number of dates to dictate when you lay down with a man you’re digging. Not to mention, the longer you make your Non-Existent Boyfriend wait, the more likely he is to be with other women who will give it up without restraints. Now understand, I’m not suggesting that you should feel pressured because you don’t want your Non-Existent Boyfriend to stray, but also know that he’s probably not holding out while you’re hoping to be his girl after you “put it on him”.

BEWARE: If you know your emotions can’t handle sleeping with a guy, and having nothing come from it, then by all means keep your legs CLOSED. The worst thing you can do is get wrapped-up in your Non-Existent Boyfriend and become emotionally uncontrollable because you got a taste of his eggplant. Determine what feels right, and more importantly, determine if you’re ready to get busy with a guy who may NEVER ask you to be in a relationship with him.

Until next time, ditch the cutesy calendar and take time limits off of the inevitable– your Non-Existent Boyfriend waiting for sex from you no matter how long you make him wait for it.

Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy Coach”),


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