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The Top 2 Reasons Why the Non-Existent Boyfriend Who Dissed You, Also Thinks You’re Full of Sh*t


Yes, it’s true. The new guy you’ve been talking to on the phone, dedicating your precious time to and giving your emotions to only for him to manipulate them, doesn’t take you seriously and actually thinks you’re full of it! There’s a reason for that, and of course I’m here to break it down.

Now, this isn’t just ANY Non-Existent Boyfriend I’m referring to. I’m talking about the one who actually got the best of you. He either used you for your time, money, good cooking skills, transportation, conversation, (or whatever), and now he’s able to turn around and think that you’re full of crap. He doesn’t value a word you have to say, and I’m here to tell you… YOU’RE PART OF THE REASON WHY.

I know, I know, this is not the best music to your ears, however, your Crazy Coach would never steer you wrong. While it truly sucks, sometimes we have to take SOME responsibility for the outcome of dating results. And while we can’t control a man’s motive or next move, we can ALWAYS control what we do and that’s where the ownership begins.

Okay, enough with the fluff!

Here are the top two reasons your new (no-good) Non-Existent Boyfriend who dissed you, also thinks you’re full of shit:


Your dating resume isn’t what you probably think. Instead of your dating resume listing all the men you’ve dated or all of the places you’ve traveled to with them, it’s literally your resume about the kind of woman you are and all of your accomplishments. When the Non-Existent Boyfriend meets a great girl who takes on the role of being an awesome mother, a hard worker, a brainiac or simply a go-getter, he automatically holds her to that bar. He respects her resume and actually thinks he can’t live up to it, until the unthinkable happens. The woman neglects her awesomeness, let’s the Non-Existent Boyfriend emotionally overwhelm her and the Non-Existent Boyfriend forgets the type of woman he met and now categorizes her as “just another girl”. Living up to your resume (a.k.a. “your worth”) let’s your Non-Existent Boyfriend know that your brilliance, hard work and all of your accolades come with a price. The price, is your heart and it’s pretty damn expensive!


Whoo!! This is definitely the one that has your Non-Existent Boyfriend not taking you or your words seriously! After he disses you or does something that no longer makes you want to date him, you hit him with a speech! You tell him how much of an asshole he is, you remind him of your value, you probably throw a few personal jabs at him, and you tell him to kick rocks. The unfortunate thing about ALL of  that is, he heard when you said it, but when he came crawling back, you opened your door (or legs) to him. You see, your Non-Existent Boyfriend thinks you’re full of shit for the mere fact that you couldn’t live up to your own powerful words. The moment your Non-Existent Boyfriend told you what you wanted to hear, you allowed him trample over your feelings and disregard your emotions all over again. Imagine if Dr. King went back on his speech. Or if your boss fired you then hired you again in a week. How seriously would you take that boss? Well, you fired your Non-Existent Boyfriend, and hired him again without even checking to see if his credentials changed.


Overall, there are ways around your Non-Existent Boyfriend valuing you and what you have to say. Your job is simple. Live by what you’ve worked to become and stand strong on your words when you’re delivering an exit speech. If he’s a true jerk at heart, he won’t get the chance to abuse your feelings because you would’ve picked up on who he was by then. And if he gets to be a jerk because you were blind-sighted, let him know how you feel, move on and don’t look back. Until next time, it’s your favorite blogger and ONLY “Crazy Coach”.





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