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The CRAZY Reasons Why You Should Be Dating Two or More Men At a Time in the Early Stages!

Forget the old school mumbo-jumbo you heard about dating one guy, and how it’s the right thing to do because “mama told you so”!

If you’re tired of going crazy over a guy, time-after-time, then your best bet is to make sure you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! You need as many baskets (dates) as possible to store your eggs (men); there’s logic behind this and I’ll tell you why!

Whenever you depend on the availability, loyalty and devotion from ONE man, who you barely even know, the chances of you going crazy are high! Meeting one guy and working on perfecting him, is a sure sign that you’ll end-up emotionally distraught and single in the end.

You see, your new Non-Existent Boyfriend is very strategic in how he dates, and you should be too. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend has two to three women in his back pocket when he first meets you, and he does that so not to rely on the emotion and perfection from one woman. It’s not about sex all of the time, or wanting to be a player. But rather, your Non-Existent Boyfriend wants options, and it’s time you follow suit.

When you make it a point to meet other people and explore your options, you’ll find that you don’t hone in on one guy and bank on him being your Mr. Right. You’re able to rationalize and see who’s in it for the long haul with you versus who’s in it just to quit/hit it.

Here’s where you’re probably saying, “Okay, now how do I go about meeting multiple Non-Existent Boyfriends so I don’t go crazy again?” Well, of course your Crazy Coach has the answer.

You might not wanna hear this, but you have to go out sis AND you have to be open-minded. You won’t meet three eligible men in one night at your local Walmart, nor will you meet a variety of men sitting on your couch. You also have to be open in your options because you don’t know the man who will truly fulfill your heart’s desires. Now please, don’t go giving your number to every single Tom, Dick and Dick (yes, I said that correctly) just so you can control emotional urges. Still make responsible choices and logical moves, and above all, have the freedom of choice so you’re not dependent on one guy’s feelings towards you!

Your Non-Existent Boyfriend can tell when he’s your only option in the beginning, and quite frankly, it scares him.  Have safe fun while you date. It’ll take away dating tension and preserve your need to wanna be a clingy, emotional, needy, CRAZY single woman!

Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy Coach”),


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