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Has Your CRAZY List, Unrealistic Requests and “Make Me Your Girlfriend” Attitude Left You Single Longer Than You Expected?


While I NEVER like to sting too badly with my words, I had to go here! Your little list and ruthless demands for your Non-Existent Boyfriend have left you single and too frustrated to mingle. It’s time to listen up to where you might be going wrong!

Now, by all means, I am NOT saying you can’t have personal requirements and non-negotiables for the guy you’d like to see yourself with. But maybe, JUST maybe, you got carried away in what you were looking for over the years, coupled with what you were demanding, and now you’re left hoping for a better way.

I totally get it. You want to be happy and healthily in love with a great man who can bring the basics to the dating table. Here’s the deal, you have to ditch a few things in order to fulfill that desire.

For instance, requiring your Non-Existent Boyfriend to meet your family or friends before he even gets to know you well, is one way you’ll end up being the single duck in the pond. Or requiring your Non-Existent Boyfriend to take you out said number of times and spend said amount of dollars, only knowing him for three weeks, will also have you wondering where he vanished to. Or worse, hanging on to him in hopes that he’ll come-around and make you his girl, is a sure sign things need to change on your end! Again, it’s not about ditching your standards, but crazy things like insinuating that your new Non-Existent Boyfriend should NOT be dating other women besides you in the very early stages, is absolutely insane! Requests like those and so many other demands, leave you wondering if you’ll ever lock it down with a good guy.

Try this for a change: Meet a guy, determine if he brings long-lasting characteristics to the table, silently check-out his dating habits/techniques, be upfront with him while asking direct questions during conversations, and have the guts to cancel him if you see red flags. When you take this route, everything else will fall into place. Forcing your way of dating on him or requiring him to be the man he’s not, wastes your time and has you like a gerbil, back on the dating spinning wheel.

And relax. It’s never too late to meet a guy, date him for a while and commit to being his girl. But for now, you have to clean-up what you probably messed up throughout your dating journey.

Until next time, re-do your mental list for what you want in a Non-Existent Boyfriend, and watch your dating life change for the better!

Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy Coach”),



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