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Your New Non-Existent Boyfriend Trusts You Way More Than You Think, and You Can’t Afford to F*ck That Up by Acting CRAZY!

While I would like to tell you that your new Non-Existent Boyfriend needs a year before he lets you in his space and reveals certain things to you, it’s all a damn lie. The new guy you just met at the mall, the one who’s calling and texting you every night, who probably wants to Netflix and Chill with you, trusts you way more than you know it! Because of this, you need to let him continue trusting you and you can’t break that trust by acting like a damn fool!

So, before I get into the whole, “Jokes on him” spiel, you need to understand what he trusts you with and how it’s actually a big deal in the early stages. For starters, your new Non-Existent Boyfriend ALWAYS trusts you with his phone! Think about it. He leaves his phone around you and walks away, his ringer is usually on and very loud, and he’ll even allow you to use his phone if yours suddenly “died”. While this may seem trivial to some, your new Non-Existent Boyfriend is moving in a way that suggests he’s comfortable with you, around one of his most prized day-to-day possessions. Remember, his phone is his tool for meeting, planning, and having sex with women and he casually leaves it in your space without thinking twice.

Aside from his gadgets, many Non-Existent Boyfriends trust you with something way bigger than a silly $800 phone—they let you into their home! In these days, it’s not safe to trust anyone with the address in which you lay your head. However, your new Non-Existent Boyfriend freely gives you his, trusting that you’ll come over, have a good time and possibly lay with him—what a risk! In addition to entering his home, you’ll probably get a pass into his bedroom, his bathroom cabinets and a host of other things that mean so much to just pass on to a complete stranger like yourself…. (*tisk, tisk little eager and horny Non-Existent Boyfriend).

Lastly, your new Non-Existent Boyfriend trusts you so much, that he’ll tell you where he works; that’s right! The way he gets his bread and butter will be no secret to you within a very short time span of knowing him. Maybe he’s caught up on bragging, yapping his mouth or simply believing you’ll do nothing with the information he shares with you, but he’ll even give you his exact shift, lunch time and meeting locations without even being aware that he trusts you so damn much.

So, what’s the point? It doesn’t take a whole bunch of time for your new Non-Existent Boyfriend to share and do things that really shouldn’t be shared very early. He inadvertently puts a lot of trust in you and your only job is to make him keep doing it by not acting in a way that shows you can’t handle information from him. When you allow this, your new Non-Existent Boyfriend will be so transparent with you and you’ll pretty much be in the know of his mama’s life by the time he’s done revealing and showing things to you early-on.

Let your new Non-Existent Boyfriend have all the faith in the world in you, and watch how smoothly you get to find out what you need to know without having to snoop, investigate, ask 21 questions, or worse, get crazy on him!

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    Definitely true ! Great post !!!!

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