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Your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s CRAZY Timing Should be the First Indicator That He’s Full of Shit!

Now, let’s be real here. Going for drinks at 11:00 a.m. with your new Non-Existent Boyfriend, IS NOT an ideal date! While you’re throwing back martinis for breakfast, your head and stomach are getting ready to explode because it doesn’t know what the hell you just did to it! Your new Non-Existent Boyfriend may try to pull a silly stunt like this, but I’ll tell you how to look for indicators that let you know he’s full of shit and up to no good.

Planning dates, on your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s end, should be reasonable in terms of his finances, the location you’ll meet and most importantly, the time you and him get together without schedules clashing. The moment any of those said things aren’t reasonable, then he’s about that bullshit!

For example, if your new Non-Existent Boyfriend wants to take you to the movies on a Tuesday morning, chances are he may be hiding something from you or doesn’t want to be seen with you during prime hours. Now of course, this is not applicable if you and him are free during the morning on a Tuesday. However, if he KNOWS you work along a 9 to 5 schedule, then arranging to see an extremely early matinee on a weekday just doesn’t make sense!

Another classic example might be your new Non-Existent Boyfriend wanting to see you very late at night when most restaurants and businesses have already closed for the evening. This indicator is a dead-giveaway that he’s full of shit because only a guy who wants to use you during booty call hours, would ask to see you as a form of a date, when you should actually be on your second dream. In dating, it’s always about timing. Sure, all dates won’t be perfect, nor will seeing each other, but the time your Non-Existent Boyfriend arranges your meetings depends heavily on his willingness to take you seriously.

Lastly, if you get the new Non-Existent Boyfriend who thinks pampering you a day before each major holiday is sweet, then think again! February 13th, July 3rd, and December 24th are NOT bold on your store-bought calendar; therefore, it shouldn’t be celebrated just because he finds it more convenient for him! This indicator proves your Non-Existent Boyfriend is NOT here to seriously date you because he might be dating someone else and wants to share emotional moments with that other person on a holiday. Don’t fall for the, “I don’t celebrate holidays” or “Holidays are overrated” trick.  Your new Non-Existent Boyfriend is throwing signs that you need to pick up on, and it starts with his sucky timing! Holiday timing is more than gifts and sweet verbal sayings. It’s showing the person you’re trying to get to know that you don’t mind spending time with them while the rest of the world is doing the same thing.

All in all, don’t get duped or go crazy trying to date a guy who should be courting you with ease. Be cautious of his timing and when he chooses to do things with you. This will avoid you cursing him out later and it’ll allow you to see just how foolish he looks trying to pull a fast move that you’re already keen to.

Your favorite blogger and only “Crazy Coach”,


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  1. Leena says:
    I knew I wasn’t the only one. Why do these men insist on trying to come over late instead of taking you out?
  2. TONI says:
    Hi Leena,

    The ones who do that are the ones who are not serious bout dating you. They’ve decided you’re better as a booty call than a potential girlfriend. Don’t expect a guy like this to take you out. If he wants to, he ALWAYS will.

    Thanks for commenting!

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