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The CRAZY Reason He Took Your Number and Only Called You Once (or None At All)!

“Ain’t this bout’ a bi*ch!”

The fool saw you out on the night scene, asked for your number and had the audacity to only call you one freaking time! There’s a CRAZY reason behind that, and I’ll tell you what it is.

It had nothing to do with how you looked or that you chose to wear red lipstick that night. No, you didn’t say the wrong thing and no, your breath wasn’t on 10 when he met you… (hopefully).

The guy who could’ve been your potential Non-Existent Boyfriend chose not to call you again because, well, he wasn’t interested anymore, or he wasn’t interested to begin with. He saw you minding your business the day he met you, decided to approach you, just to avoid calling you ever again, (or ANY time for that matter).

This is where you control your crazy and not worry about what could’ve been. The reason you got approached is obvious. He was either attracted to something about you or he wanted his ego stroked. The reason he never called you again is also obvious; he was never interested in dating you seriously or he quickly changed his mind about going to the next step.

You see, when a man sees you and likes what he sees, he’s gonna hop on it (literally and figuratively speaking). He won’t waste time collecting numbers like the phone operator and he’ll call you instantaneously to see what’s up. Now, this doesn’t mean he’ll make you his wife necessarily, but it means he at least wants to pursue his initial attempt of getting to know you outside of where you met him; this could be for sex, to cheat on his partner, dinner dates or a possible relationship.

Often times, single women get in a frenzy because they didn’t get a chance to get to know the man they already envisioned themselves with. The man vanishes and single women go crazy trying to figure out why. While it may sound bizarre, it isn’t.  Some men like to play the silly little game of sweeping you off your feet when they meet you and then dropping you like a bad habit before they even got a chance to know your last name.

Don’t get hung up on these sorts of things. This is why I always stress to take things for what they are until they aren’t. Control those emotions that make you wanna hop into your imagination and wonder about what’s not existent. If he only called you once, or none at all, move on. You wouldn’t want to waste your time with a flaky man anyway. And even if this happens fifteen times over, it’s the sucky part of dating that you have absolutely no control over.

So, until the next potential Non-Existent Boyfriend who’ll only call once to tease you, hang in there. Control the urge to hunt him down, curse him out or doubt your awesomeness.

Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy Coach”),



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