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Is Your Crazy Friend Always Hatin’ On ALL the Non-Existent Boyfriends You Date?

Go on!… Say it!… You know it! Your CRAZY friend always has something negative to say about every Non-Existent Boyfriend you date! It doesn’t matter if he’s a good guy, reliable, consistent, good looking or charming, your friend WILL have something to say about him!

Now, let’s get right into this. Firstly, you have to control your crazy not just with your Non-Existent Boyfriends, but with your friend too. There’s a reason he/she may hating on you and I’ll tell you what it is.

For starters, your friend may be lonely and single, and if he’s/she’s lonely or single, they probably want you to be too. Or, your friend could be jealous of you dating all the guys in town and because he/she can’t land a single date, they’d rather hate on what you have going on.

Listen, the solution to this is quite simple. Stop telling your hating ass friend about every guy you decide to have dinner with or chit chat on the phone with. If he/she asks about your latest Non-Existent Boyfriend, tell your friend you have no updates OR tell em’ you feel like they might be a little negative and you want to clear the air before you share your juicy stories.

It’s not easy having a friend that doesn’t support your healthy dating lifestyle. It’s like the moment you meet a new guy, they conjure up some negative thought. Control your crazy and attack the issue at hand so you can remain being their friend. If it gets too much for you to handle, then you may have to fall back on keeping them in the loop with what you and your Non-Existent Boyfriends got going on. It’s not that you WANT to be Secret Sally, but if their hating energy is getting on your nerves, than so be it!

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