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Are You Going Crazy Because You Missed Out on Cuffing Season?

For all those who don’t know what the hell “cuffing season” is, I’ll begin there.

Cuffing season is not just a regular-season where leaves turn colors and you get to wear your favorite sweaters. Instead, it’s a season when you gather all the Non-Existent Boyfriends you can (you know, like how squirrels gather nuts), date them and decide who’s the best fit for YOU. (You pick these Non-Existent Boyfriends like you pick your kick ball team in middle school; it’s a fun process and your job is simply to hone in on the ones, or one, who make you feel special).

Now, cuffing season for you should’ve began back in December! That was the month the temperature began to get chilly and cozy-ing up with a fling sounded enticing. It was also the month when most Non-Existent Boyfriends let go of their summer flings and began hunting for a potentially good thing– that “thing” being you.

With all that being said, you’ve missed out on cuffing season and now you’re going crazy seeing everyone else boo’d up, having way more dinners-for-two than you are. It’s not a matter of you being envious, but the season to snag a Non-Existent Boyfriend who could occupy your time and treat you right, has sailed by. Don’t be dismayed though; there’s still some men who got left out in the cold and are waiting for you to warm them up!

I say it all the time. Going out, mingling, networking, partying and socializing all lead to meeting potentially great Non-Existent Boyfriends. There’s no need to go crazy because you’re still single, especially if you haven’t put in the effort to be seen or be dateable. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to put yourself out there in a way that looks cheesy and desperate, but it means stop being an emotional wreck and go ahead and start to defy the rules of cuffing season by making yourself available! In order to be cuffed, you have to be “cuffable”!

Believe it or not, there are tons of men who want the same exact thing you do, you just haven’t met him yet. You have to get out of your head that your chance of meeting this very same guy are hopeless, simply because you missed the dating wave everyone was on. Don’t let the intimidation of cuffing season get the best of you. You don’t want crazy, weird feelings to have you in a rut because you think singledom is your final destination– it’s not.

So, there it is. Stop going off the deep end because the season to cuff a Non-Existent Boyfriend went by faster than your last booty call. It’s okay. If your luck doesn’t work out for you very soon, have your fun in the summer months to come by simply eating out with nice guys, getting free (safe) drinks at the bar or meeting up with a fling at the gym, just because.

Until the next season, happy cuffing.

Your favorite blogger (and only “Crazy Coach”),



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