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3 Ways to Get Your Non-Existent Boyfriend to be Consistently Honest with You

“I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

No one likes a liar. At least, I can’t think of anyone who does. On top of that, no woman wants a man lying to her while she’s trying to date him and get to know him. Being the recipient of lies is not a good feeling. You often feel betrayed, disappointed, and straight-up played when the guy you like keeps sticking you with his Pinocchio nose.

While you don’t have the magical power to make a man NEVER lie to you, you do have the know-how to make your Non-Existent Boyfriend consistent in his attempt to be honest. As much as you want to hold your Non-Existent Boyfriend accountable for telling the truth, there are some things you must do also to get him to be his authentic self.

Here are 3 ways to get your Non-Existent Boyfriend to be consistently honest with you:

  1. Be honest with him; always.

Because you don’t like liars, it’s important to be completely honest with your Non-Existent Boyfriend. Being open and vulnerable can be very intimidating while you’re trying to get to know you’re Non-Existent Boyfriend. However, it’s only fair that you’re an open book when your Non-Existent Boyfriend asks you questions and wants to inquire about the woman you are. Being honest doesn’t mean your Non-Existent Boyfriend has to be privy to every aspect of your life. If you are uncomfortable sharing certain information about yourself, be honest in telling him so.

Your Non-Existent Boyfriend will respect your attempts in being honest so much, that it’ll push him to be consistently straightforward with you. Your trustworthy behavior will make him feel obligated to be candid. He’ll be comforted by your openness and not be afraid, ashamed or guilty for keeping it real.

2. Listen intently when he speaks.

This is a big one. No matter what your Non-Existent Boyfriend is saying, listen to him say it. If your Non-Existent Boyfriend feels like he’s talking to a wall or feels like he can’t be heard, why would he want to be honest with you? Whether he’s talking about sports, his ex-girlfriend, his job, or his hobby, just listen and be able to reiterate what he said or invoke your thoughts on what he said after he’s done speaking. Notice I never mentioned whether your Non-Existent Boyfriend’s gab had to be something you did or did not want to hear. All I said, was to listen. Your listening ears will make him feel like he is being heard, and when he’s heard, he’s more likely to be a truth-teller. Besides, silence on your end will always breed honesty on his.

3. Avoid becoming emotional when he shares his feelings or opinion.

Nothing’s more uncomfortable than not being able to have an opinion or an outlook on something without the other person becoming an emotional wreck. If your Non-Existent Boyfriend chooses to talk to you on how he feels about something, even if it’s about you, avoid getting emotional. If you’re unable to hold back tears, yelling, cursing, or whining, then work on controlling those emotions so your future Non-Existent Boyfriends don’t get the brunt of your past hurt.

If your Non-Existent Boyfriend can express himself without you getting emotional, he’ll be more apt to be honest. Expressing intense emotions that have nothing to do with a loss, death, or things of that sort, will not only confuse your Non-Existent Boyfriend, but he’s going to refrain from being upfront with you moving forward.

His fear will be that if he disagrees with you on who the next president of the United States will be, you’ll get into an emotional frenzy and want to write him off; who wants that drama? Allowing him to have a voice while not getting deep emotions involved on your end, will surely have him being honest with you on a consistent basis.


While these tips may sound easy to conquer, always be cognizant of your actions so that you’re not inadvertently pushing him away from telling the truth. Your Non-Existent Boyfriend won’t be perfect, but if you want him to at least be honest, show him that you’re honest too. Be the listening ear he may need and put aside deep emotions when tackling simple conversations or opposing perspectives.

Until next time, it’s your favorite blogger, (and only “Crazy Coach”),


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