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My name is Toni and once upon a time, I acted crazy. There’s my not-so-anonymous confession; I admit it.

So, here’s the deal: I was never “put me in a mad house” crazy or “swing a bat to your car window” crazy, but, I sometimes went overboard in my thinking and my actions all for ONE guy (an ex) that really wasn’t mine anymore. Now when I committed to this title, it was over a decade ago– let’s be clear! I’ve learned a ton of information on how to deal with crazy little behaviors and emotions and I’ve also sharpened my dating tools since then. I learned that behaving “crazy” gets you nowhere, except in a box with a whole bunch of other women that have been shoved in there by the men they’ve casually dated at one point or another.

Over ten years ago, I came up with an idea to write a book that would help my fellow sister out with things she shouldn’t do while casually dating the men she liked. As time passed, more of my girlfriends spent hundreds of dollars on Kleenex, I came across a handful of Non-Existent Boyfriends from my own experiences, and I realized a harsh reality…women needed REAL help, and FAST! I realized that what I did so many years ago, and what some women continue to do, is lose themselves a little (or a lot) and commit to crazy behaviors over a man they have no title with! After pondering for some time on what this all meant, I created the phrase Controlling Your Crazy to take on a whole new meaning for single women in the dating world.

My book, Controlling Your Crazy While Dating Your Non-Existent Boyfriend, and my blog, discuss these everyday truths that women face. Although I’m here to be as authentic as possible in my writing, my book and blog aren’t about my life. Instead, I’ve written a book and created a blog so single women who have had enough of flying-off-the-wall behaviors and behaving irrationally in situations over a Non-Existent Boyfriend, can come and get the tools they need to control their thoughts and actions over a guy that’s not their man.

Here’s what I want you to take away from all of this: Having complete control of your mind will allow you to “control your crazy” when your Non-Existent Boyfriend acts up… (because truthfully, he will act up). My book and my blog are a guide for you to understand how to react in situations that don’t require all of your energy or any energy at all. It’s a simple way to show you how to always have the ball in your court just by acting rationally. My blog will offer general advice and spark conversations among all women with similar stories and experiences. For more personal advice, you can visit the “Talk to Toni” tab where you’ll have the opportunity to email me your questions/stories and I will respond with advice to get your thinking in order (think along the lines of Dear Abby).

So, there you have it. I’m not perfect, BUT I’ve learned a lot.  I’m not a psychic, BUT I can usually predict the outcome of a situation that looks crazy. I don’t know everything there is to know about men, BUT, I can recognize the Non-Existent Boyfriend a mile away.

Want to follow me beyond the blog? Go to Instagram and follow me @ControllingYourCrazy or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/controllingyourcrazy. All other inquiries go to ControllingYourCrazy@gmail.com. Happy reading!!

Yours truly (not crazy),

– Toni, M.S., Ed.


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