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“Controlling Your Crazy” Wine Goblet


$14.00 $10.00

Controlling Your Crazy wine goblets are beautifully crafted with vinyl. Designed with the signature phrase and a holographic broken heart, these goblets are SURE to be an attention grabber! Gift it to a friend or buy it for yourself.

BEWARE: These wine goblets shouldn’t be used alone; Be prepared to purchase a pair.


1 x Controlling Your Crazy Wine Goblet

Product Specifications:

  • 14 oz.
  • Front: Controlling Your Crazy phrase
  • Color: Black & Multi-colored Pink/Purple Holographic Heart
  • Hand-wash only in cold water
  • Material: Glass, Vinyl lettering



4 Responses so far.

  1. Michele says:
    I cannot wait to purchase this cyc item!! Too cute!
  2. Marjory says:
    Really enjoying my cup. The cup came within a reasonable time and the packaging that it came in was nice as well..

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