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"Controlling Your Crazy is resisting the temptation to act out on unstable emotions, when the man you like exerts behaviors that seem unusual or irrational."

Is Your Past Hurt from Other Men Making You Say Crazy Sh*t to Your Non-Existent Boyfriend?

Your past is a part of you. It’s a part of your emotions and as far as I’m concerned, your emotions go wherever you do. HOWEVER, putting the emotions from your past hurt onto a guy who has nothing to do with it, is a surefire way for you to say some crazy shit! While […]

3 Reasons Why Your CRAZY Habit of Letting Him Court You Through Text is Keeping You Single!

Dammit! I didn’t want to have to go here, but by now you know the only way I can keep it, is REAL! As much as you’d like to blame EVERYTHING on all of your Non-Existent Boyfriends as to why you’re single, you have to accept some of the blame for your single rut. Some […]

3 CRAZY Reasons Why You Can NEVER Get Past a Certain Point with Every Non-Existent Boyfriend You Meet

Who knew N’ Sync’s, Bye, Bye, Bye would be on rotate in your playlist? Let’s face it, every guy you meet turns into dead-end and you’re sick of it!– (you should be). The dating world is ROUGH, and quite frankly, you’re all out of answers for the Non-Existent Boyfriend’s behaviors. He’s either blamed for being inconsistent, […]

The 3 Most Common Lies You Tell Your Non-Existent Boyfriend that Make Him Call You CRAZY

“Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!” Yes, as much as you don’t want to relive childhood memories of annoying songs, we gotta go here! Your lies are catching up to you and your Non-Existent Boyfriend thinks you’re crazy because of it. The little fibs you tell don’t add up with your man of interest and quite […]

Let the Church Say Amen!: Why Sundays Make MOST Single Women Go CRAZY Over Their Non-Existent Boyfriend

While Sundays should be a day of rest, relaxation and meditation, you’re getting worked up and rehearsing the lines you’ll throw at your Non-Existent Boyfriend before Monday morning arrives! Let’s face it, your good-for-nothing Non-Existent Boyfriend hasn’t taken you out all weekend, gestured to spend time with you, or even worse, hasn’t even called to […]

Recognize the CRAZY Signs of a Non-Existent Boyfriend Who’s Only Dating You Because of a Bad Break-up!

  This is never a good thing…PERIOD! It’s difficult enough as a single woman to figure out if your Non-Existent Boyfriend even likes you. But to determine if he’s only on your line because of a bad break-up, is something else! He may come across really sweet and sincere at first, but really, he wishes […]

1 CRAZY Trick to Have Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Go From TEXTER to TALKER!

You meet him, he seems cool, you exchange numbers and then the stupid shit starts…(the unthinkable for a guy his age…) *** He never gives you ONE quality conversation because he’s too busy putting your thumbs to work!  Your sad reality is that your Non-Existent Boyfriend wants to get to know you better through his […]

Control Your Crazy (and Coins) When Your Non-Existent Boyfriend Asks to Borrow Money!

  Did he really just ask me to borrow MY money?? There are some Non-Existent Boyfriends out there who have no shame– what’s yours is yours and what’s yours is HIS! I beg of you, do not go crazy when your Non-Existent Boyfriend asks you to borrow your hard-earned coins. Believe it or not, going crazy […]

How Your Crazy Dating Timelines Are Running Your Non-Existing Boyfriends Away!

Proposed to by 34, married by 35, children by 36 and homeownership with him somewhere in between that. The problem is, you’re 33 and he’s not your man! Your personal dating timelines are just that…YOURS! They are the timelines you set for yourself without letting your potential man in on. You’re running off every Non-Existent […]

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Find Out the #1 Reason Why You Keep Acting Crazy Over the Non-Existent Boyfriend Who Isn’t Even Your Type!

  I get it– you’re completely confused as to why you’re losing your cool, checking his social media page and behaving erratically, when the Non-Existent Boyfriend you’re digging isn’t even your type to begin with! Whether the reason behind your dislike of him is that he has no life, you find him unattractive, or you […]


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